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one month notice period

Posted by newangle - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by newangle - 4 years ago

 sorry should have been "on the date we planned" not "they"

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Posted by newangle - 4 years ago

Hello, many thanks for this good news.. Yesterday we let them know officially as well, but i am happy to hear that we can still leave on the they we planned.. I didn't know that we could consult to the local otorities, i will search about it. Actually our deposit is what makes us feel stuck, because we paid a good amount of money and we don't want to loose it, because you know if she doesn't want to give it back, she won't give it back, so we are trying to be easy going.. We actually hope that someone would rent this apartment as soon as possible so that we could move without any problem.

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Posted by ibseur - 4 years ago

Communication by email is perfectly legal and accepted as evidence. You should seek advice from you local authority which deals with housing.

When it comes to money, language and e-mail communiation become perfect excuses.

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Posted by LeighA - 4 years ago

You do not have to pay anything else- the French lanlord is using you. Married to french lawyer so feel free to PM me for any more advice. An email in English or French stands in court here. Since she awknowldeged it you have not to worry! Why do they do this to people over here?! You're not the first...

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Posted by newangle - 4 years ago


Thanks everybody for the responses.

Our landlord at the beginning was very calm and she said that it is ok, this is life, we will miss you, and she put an add on leboncoin on exactly the same day we sent the email, and she even found people to visit our apartment.

So on her part everyting seems to be understood clearly..

But on monday, she suddenly changed her attitude and she started to stay that we have to pay until the end of october.

Now seems like we will have to send an "official letter" to let her know, but this means for us to loose one week"s money, this lady makes me confused...


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Posted by Mandarine Web - 4 years ago

The key here is "Did the landlord reply to your Email and/or take any action as a consequence of receiving your Email"?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions then you can, legally, consider the notice of intention to leave served and accepted.



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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 4 years ago

If you have a 'protection juridique' consult them, this is sometimes included with either car or household insurance.

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 4 years ago

Sadly, the English speaking friend is quite correct, you must notify your landlord, in writing, in French, and by recorded delivery.

However, if she did agree by email to accept early notice, then I would argue that you don't need to pay and leave her to take legal action - at which point you need to pay up as you will not win any case against her!