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Online credit card payment...

Posted by SunnySue-315619 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Flatpicker - 5 years ago

I've run into this before. I was told by Barclays that it has to do with a particular security aspect of the credit cards issued in North America. The issuers all participate in a program involving the use of this security measure. European card issuers do not use the security device, which appears to relate to online transactions.

When I ran into the problem with a couple of American online retailers, I phoned them (on Skype, which is ridiculously cheap for VoIP long distance calls from computer to land lines in the US). They had no problem processing my transactions when I phoned in.

Obviously, your mileage may vary....:)

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Posted by mccartjt - 5 years ago


If you have an American Express card only use that.. I've tried in the past returning substandard furniture and did not get a refund from the other credit card company. Invariable Amex is the only credit card to  have the customer service is usually excellent. 


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Posted by sorcel-190657 - 5 years ago

I've just asked them to look me up on the white pages http://www.pagesjaunes.fr/pagesblanches to verify my address and telephone - but I would contact them by phone (skype) to hear why. If you haven't ordered from them before - try googling the company to see what others have experienced and that everything is legitimate.

My passport info is not for shops - only for the bank !



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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 5 years ago

That's exactly what I pointed out to them when I asked them to cancel my order! The site looked totally safe to me and I also then googled it to see if there were any forum discussions but found no negative comments. I do usually try to order from the EU but sometimes I just can't find the same things, however hard I try!

Thanks for your comments. Overall, it's reassured me that I did the right thing!

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

Looks dodgy to me. How would a copy of your passport and a copy of your card help to verify your ADDRESS - neither of them has your address on it...

Do Americans say 'we are having troubles'? Sounds, er, foreigner English to me.

Are you sure the email was from them? Did you make the transaction from a public hotspot?

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

well, you are covered 100% by your card issuier.

always better to buy local( france & eu),

maybe i am wrong..

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 5 years ago

The address registered to my card is exactly the same as the delivery address actually, which is why I was a little puzzled.

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

this is just a company/bank being concerned as the registired address of the card and the delivery address is different. A response i would want from an online company in theses times.

A copy of passport, maybe a little excesive, where an email or  2 and a phone conservation would suffice.

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Posted by GAnthony - 5 years ago

Looks a bit strange.  Your credit card should work with no further problems.  However, I have had some problems in the past when my address as held by the credit card company was slighlty different from the address I used for shipping.   Good to check that these addresses are one and the same.  I would not provide a copy of my passport or credit card.     I think you are right to cancel in this instance.    But check the addresses anyway.