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Online (French) Bank Transfers

Posted by emelia16-285362 - Created: 6 years ago
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Posted by daveemitchell-307467 - 6 years ago

HSBC all the way. You have to set up any transfers previously, but once you have done it you can do it online. Also, if you have HSBC in different countries you can link them together on the same web page!

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Posted by nissalabella - 6 years ago

I am with BNP Paribas and, after I set it up with the IBAN number of the account I wanted to transfer money to in the UK, I can do it, no problem, money is on the account inside 24 hours!

Good luck, I'm sure if you do the right thing it will work!


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Posted by stevie g-252342 - 6 years ago

I am with La Poste and can transfer internationally, but I did have to set it up differently, not an automatic service...

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Posted by infrance06 - 6 years ago

Hi, I am with Credit Agricole and I do online transfers to the UK all the time. You just put the IBAN to the create transfers part. The bank will set it up online for you if you can't do it and then it is free to use. The transfers arrive the same day. You probably need to ask as they will keep letting you go into the branch it is unlikely that they will offer to do it for you as customer service is not the same experience as in the UK.

Good luck.

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 6 years ago

French banks are still in the dark ages. They treat their customers like children. I use Soc Gen, and the online banking won't let me transfer more than 4000euros in total from any of my own SocGen account to any other of my own SocGen accounts in one day. Worth remembering when the time comes to pay the tax and the money is in the savings account.
And even doing that, it takes a whole day to go through. My bank in the UK I can move as much as i want between my accounts as often as i want and it is instant.
The French "system" though loves pieces of paper. So, if you have the means, send a fax to your bank, and then things will happen. Emails don't work, telephone calls don't work, but faxes are about as modern as banks can cope with.