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Pension question, UK v France

Posted by fvo-205381 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

Hello, fvo,

Things have changed considerable over the past years.  Depending upon the country, there is an official retirement age for men and women and, in France, there is a minumum number of trimestre contributions which are taken into account so not only your age gives you the right to 'retire' but also a credit system allotted to each 'trimestre'. (Do keep all your payslips and old papers)

I worked in the UK and French private sector and I continued up to 65 years old in order to give me a sufficient number of credits for the French system even though for a man it used to be 65, a woman was 60 BUT everything has now changed and I am afraid I know nothing about AE as it didn't exist in my days anyway.  I hope someone can help you on this subject but 8  years contributions  (8 X 4 = 32) is not enough as I think one now requires 163? or something to get a full pension in the French State pension system.  You would need to find out which administrative system deals with AE pension fund and go and see them.

With regard to UK, do write to Newcastle quoting your SS number and put your enquiry to:-

International Pension Ctre, Tyneview Park, Whitley Road, Benton, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1BA, UK which is the address from which I get my UK pension and they are most helpful.

I am sorry not to be of more help but there are other knowledgeable posters on here.

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Posted by fvo-205381 - 5 years ago

Thank you for that info. I'm buried under paperwork - where can I find out how to check the number of Trimestres? I'm currently auto entrepreneur (new in 2012), OH not registered as anything as we wanted to wait and see how AE worked out for us.

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Posted by Fish24 - 5 years ago

I receive my small UK GB£ pension quarterly, paid by request, direct into my French bank account in Euros at a very good rate.  I am now French and resident.

I receive my small French Euro pension monthly, direct., and no problems at all.

Had worked and contributed in each country to both systems.  Double check the number of 'trimestres' required in France before claiming the French one.