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problem with ex proprietaire

Posted by jeanieP - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 17 years ago

There are a number of recourses open to you under French law and I couldn't really be more specific without reading your contract.  However, I would say that it is very unusual to have a 5 year rental that covers items such as pillows and mattresses.  These are usually part of a "seasonal" furnished rental and as such there is nothing in French rental contract language about "fair wear and tear" - you are supposed to return the place (and fittings) as they were provided to you.

I don't think there are any organisations looking specifically after Brits in such situations.  Why should there be?  Your situation is equally suffered by French, and other nationalities.  Your swiftest remedy is a French style "arrangement à l'amiable" but given the ex-landlord is holding all the cards, you could next try a lawyer (budget on 2,000 Euros and that is if he/she thinks you have case), otherwise a very useful low cost alternative is to petition the "Commission de Conciliation".

The Commission de Conciliation can be engaged by sending a registered letter to the Secretary with a simple statement of your identity, your landlord's identity, a copy of the contract and a concise summary of the disagreement.  You and your landlord in turn will be summonsed to a very simple procedure and the commission will attempt a reasoned settlement.  This is not legally binding but it is simple and low cost and in the event of a continuing disagreement, their recommendation can be used to substantiate legal proceedings.

In the Alpes Maritimes, you would address ;

Le Secretaire de la Commission de Conciliation
auprès de la Direction Départementale de l'équipement
Préfecture des Alpes MAritimes