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Problems with children and football

Posted by jazzyjeff - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by janiceedavis - 5 years ago

The above response is sage advice indeed and wiser words are rarely spoken. Whenever MY sense of humour starts to wane I just close my eyes and think of all those hidden CCTV cameras in the hedges back home.

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Posted by Sevendaver-252003 - 5 years ago

Good luck.  Children are golden in France and despite the fact that you may see one of the doting mothers swat one of them across the head for a violation of her rules when it comes to your needs you are likely out of luck.  I have had similar experiences and have made suggestions which led to neighbours being angry with me for having an opinion, I had one person threaten me and all I did was suggest 2 daily adult pool hours at an AGM of the domaine.  Don't waste your money on legal action.  Consider fencing, netting a few metres from the house like golf course have.  If all else fails and it will take a deep breath and keep looking for alternatives, maybe just get a table and chairs and go sit there during a game.  Take a bottle of rose and lunch out to the space and sitt there.  They would not dare interfer with your lunch.