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Property deeds - 10 week wait in Antibes?

Posted by Toasty-184393 - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by Toasty-184393 - 16 years ago

When I posted the question, I mentioned that the delays are due to strikes in the past.    That's according to the agent and notaire.   They just shrug apologetically, but as long as you get your attestation to propriety, then there's no problem.   Well done to Andrew for sorting out that refund!  


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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

quote:There seems to be a lot of (self-)opinion here, but little fact.

Er... I'd say that there was a lot of experience (which I assume to be fact, having no real reason to doubt it) but no clear conclusion that can be drawn from the range of experiences. Just as there is no clear answer to the question: "How tall are buildings in Europe?", or: "What do mammals weigh?"

ISTM that you are assuming that there is a "normal" way for these things to happen against which you can measure one experience or another. That may be a dangerous assumption.


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Posted by David_F-180946 - 17 years ago

I'm very suprised that there is no-one accessing this forum able to explain the variation in delay.

A colleague at work waited over 2 years for his. We were told it would be some time (17 months ago).


There seems to be a lot of (self-)opinion here, but little fact.

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

I think you probably owe me a decent lunch !!!stgeorge

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Posted by Andrew.Wilk - 17 years ago

A  happy ending!

Six months down the line I have just had a rendezvous with the Notaire, everything sorted with the Land Registry, dossier closed, and 3,000 Euros back (which were converted from GBP in those heady days at 1.56 instead of the rubbish rate today around 1.40!).

So, Hi Ho  silver lining!

Moral? Gawdonlyknows....

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Posted by lynnettejane1 - 17 years ago

Hi i believe i have corrected the problem, thankslynnette

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Posted by Admin-179828 - 17 years ago

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Posted by Toasty-184393 - 17 years ago

Its nice when you actually get money back!   I was given an estimate of the notaire's fee, and the final bill was much lower.   Mind you I reccommend to anyone starting out, always to bring up (often) that you have a lawyer waiting in the wings.   As I mentioned before my agents are incredibly helpful and hard working.   But they did try it on with a cash deal and selling insurance that I did'nt need!!!!!  

The system in the UK is much more streamlined and devoid of the pitfalls that seem to come up so often here.   When I sold up there all my communication with the solicitor was done by email and post, and I don't know to this day if they were male or female.   The agents popped in briefly to value and photograph, and that was it.   Effecient but lacking in the something.         

Maybe StGeorge and your pals with all the inside info should write a page for AngloInfo for new arrivals who want to buy a property.   People come here for many reasons, work, health, relationships etc.  Not just because of Peter Mayle wrote a book or two.  

Anyway, now that I know others have been kept waiting for their deeds,  that saves me a lot of worry as I wait for mine.   So THANK YOU !!!




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Posted by lynnettejane1 - 17 years ago

we recently bought a small apt in Villefranche S. M., we saw it at the beginning of December 2002, signed at our convenience at the notary's office recommended by the estate agent, we were given documents at the time, an interpreter was there whose fee we were made aware of before signing, it was all very business-like and professional. We have since received a cheque from the notary's office, although what for I don't know and the notary hasn't answered my email, and we are also still waiting for the deeds which we were told at the time would take two or three months from signing. At the moment I'm quite satisfied with the service, but I think I might become a little concerned if I were still waiting for the deeds more than a year down the linelynnette

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

For those who want to know approx. how much the Notaire is going to charge , go to http://www.msn.fr , Page d'Accueil , scroll down page to MSN Immobilier and open at  'Evaluez les frais d'Achat'. Additional expenses can be incurred if he/she have to deal with the Bank where you obtained a mortgage or loan !

Hope this is helpful !