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registering in France and UK

Posted by 007helen-182944 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by jivebaby-189615 - 12 years ago

The French official wording is clear -when you begin life in France WITH the intention that you become resident, then the residency begins IMMEDIATELY.

Theother thing to consider is that if you have an income from you business in the UK and a Microbic (MB), then all of this goes into your tax return in France. You may well find that the MB looks good in theory, but may well cost you more in  personal tax. Remeber that in France you can be assessed by the tax man if he thinks you live too well on your declared income!

You need to find an acountant specialising in AngloFrench tax matters.

The one thing you may be anble to postphone- If/when the treaty is signed is a 5 year dealy on wealth taxes - you then won't need a microbic!

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Posted by nickkuh - 12 years ago

My business is web design. I already have an established UK client base and would like to continue working for those clients through my uk company. I don't employ permanent staff, instead outsource programming and design work to uk-based freelancers and manage the projects remotely.First off, are there going to be any legal issues if I continue to do that from France?Secondly, I would like to start new business in France. From what I've read in the Angloinfo archives the best option for my set-up seems to be to start a MicroEnteprise as I don't know how much work will be generated from French based companies at this stage. This will give me a SIRET number and enable me to legally do business in France. Can my new French company trade under the same name as my UK company?Is this set-up of 2 companies (one in the UK and one in France) basically doing the same thing legal?What is the limit on income as a web designer running a MicroEnteprise?My UK accountant said that for my first year in France I could still do business with French companies. After that first year I apparently become a non-uk resident and the situation would change. Is this correct?Do I have to take a course when setting up a MicroEnteprise? My French isn't too great at the moment so that could cause some problems.Sorry, a lot of questions but if any of them could be answered I'd be grateful.Nick

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Posted by mike-179830 - 12 years ago

quote:Does anyone know the advantages of doing this? Does it mean they are excempt from some of the healthcare contributions here and can a sole trader operate in this way or just a ltd company?

The advantages are NOT fiscal - they come down to decisions you make about the corporate structure you choose to have. In fact, the running costs are somewhat higher than that of a SARL (as you have to file two sets of books, and so on) even if the set-up charges may be somewhat smaller.

A UK company with a legal presence in France is registered in the French system (typically via a succersale) and has its French-based staff on French contracts, pays French taxes on its French income and so on. In essence, the French entity is entirely within the French system. Furthermore, if the company - UK registered or not - is considered to be run from France (because its directors and/or shareholders are French residents, and/or because the lion's share of its earnings are in France) it is regarded as fiscally "transparent" - in other words, its worldwide revenues are taxed in France, as though the company was French and not just the branch office. 

This can only be done with a corporate entity (which is legally a separate "person" to its owners/officers, not a sole trader. A real person can't have a branch office...

As to whether such an arrangement would be suitable for you - check with a suitably-qualified accountant or notaire.


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Posted by nickkuh - 12 years ago

I was about to post the same question. Dean - could you send the same reply to me?

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Posted by DEAN-185206 - 13 years ago

Helen,Sent you a brief reply which has returned ' undelivered 'my e mail is adriandeanjan@hotmail.com or phone 06 22 34 05 23