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Rented property...Help!!

Posted by Jan-181414 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by thetopofthetop - 4 years ago

yes, you can refuse to live there until they fixe everything in order to live normally
so do not have to pay until it's fixed
you can refuse the contract because the owner do not want to pay/solve problems = they have to refund you everything

if they are not agree, unfortunately you will have to take an avocat and be sure to have pictures... of the situation

sometimes, the deal is you fixe everything and show invoices to the agency = and you have 3-4-5... months free similar to the amount of charges payed 

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Posted by alsyfra-307908 - 4 years ago


Rental law in France dictates that the property must be "safe" for the tenant. If the property is unsafe contact an Avocat.

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Posted by Jan-181414 - 4 years ago

Thanks for your help.

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Posted by house for rent-318030 - 4 years ago

This a case of what is called in France 'vices cachés' and the contract should be able to be cancelled and money refunded. The agent isn't very serious and what can one say about the owner. Threaten to go and see a lawyer, if your friend has a 'protection juridique', this is usually included with car or house insurance,  they help pay for a lawyer. Good luck