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Rents and charges increases

Posted by Collie-201216 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by thetopofthetop - 5 years ago


for the rent it's normal, few euros more every year

for the charges, as mentioned in the previous message,
if you are living in a building with other people, a syndic is in charge of the building
they share the cost of the building (cleaning, garden, public area...) with everybody
for each owner, there is a part landlord and one tenant, in case the owner rent the flat.
You have to pay only the tenant part.
Your agency have to send you this proof. with this paper, they can adjust your charges if necessary. but in your case, the modification is huge. (sometimes it's 20/30 euros per month more because some special expenses and the cost of water-electricity increased in public area) but 50 euros more it's strange.

or they lied you with lower charge in order to rent you the flat first and after they modify it.
charge is always flexible
rent no (few euros = it's the same increase for everybody) 

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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

Hi, you say your rent has been slightly increased after one year, it's normal, increase needs to be conform to the "indice des loyers" and it should not be a big amount.

Now, do you live in a flat and does the agency act as the syndic de copropriété?  if so, you are entitled to have a copy of the final bill for the year where there is a column titled "locatif" and where what you pay as "provisions" for charges are deducted from the total amount locatif.  It looks to me, but I may be wrong, that you have been charged ALL the charges (landlord + tenant).  You better check this final account and the amount you owe before anything else.  I would go back to the agency and ask, if you don't have it as yet, for a copy of this final account.