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Resiliation Bail/Giving Notice

Posted by kazzapuk - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Ras-214972 - 8 years ago

Once you have given notice,you should expect to leave at that date. The landlord/landlady will be searching for new tenants, and these may have a moving in date that follows from your moving out. You have no right to stop a bit longer for convenience. It may come to be there is no one else to move in straight away and you can negotiate, but this is entirely at the good will of the landlord, you cannot demand it.
Normally when moving between rentals, you find somewhere and then make an offer to rent, you fix a proposed moving in date. You don't have to rent and move in somewhere straight away, and in many cases, the property has an existing tenant in the process of moving out (i.e. the same as you!) so the move in date is generally several weeks in the future because of that. Then, you give notice to your existing landlord, based upon the new move in date for the new place.
If somewhere along the line there is a hiccup and you have no where to live, then that is just one of those problems of life. You will need to live somewhere temporarily. I would imagine in Corsica there are plenty of holiday apartments you can rent by the week. Yes, it is added expense, but moving home is always an expense, that is part of it.

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Posted by 252Josephine - 8 years ago

When we rented something, friends warned us, that the landlord doesn't give back the deposit to the previous two tenants. So when we gave notice- a month in advance (AFTER) we found something to start 3 weeks later- we told him that he should use the deposit, which was one month's rent, as the last month's rent, as there wasn't anything wrong with the place and invited him to come and check.We got away with it.
I also understand that it is very hard to get tenants outing France- that people just simply stay on. They can't evict you without a court order which takes a one time to get,I heard...
Good luck!!

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Posted by kazzapuk - 8 years ago

thanks all......i have now found somewhere to live in Propriano!!! but as I suspected I had to pay deposit in advance on new place....the lease of which overlaps with this one....plus this months rent on my current place...and my landlady here has 2 months deposit held from me which I doubt highly I will ever see again (any tips on how I might go about getting that back from her??)......so I am skint!!! but at least not homeless!

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Posted by ouch that hurt !-230853 - 8 years ago

Have you tried www.leboncoin.fr ?

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Posted by belamica-188434 - 8 years ago

Seems kind of risky to give notice without having found something else, esp. if the situation is somewhat difficult where you are; why don't you do it the other way round, i.e. find something else, THEN give notice? That way you won't have the hassle of having to ask your soon-to-be ex-landlady if you can come back?

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Posted by MissV - 8 years ago

as I understand it you can't rescind... ie a new contract would have to be drawn up if you wanted to remain in the same place... BUT I am not an expert on this, just something I understood when giving notice recently on a 3 year lease.... I was told that once I had given notice, if I changed my mind (as I also wasn't sure to get the place I wanted to move to) the owner would have to draw up a new lease (meaning they can put up the rent or decide not to rent to you again etc), you can't just ask to stay on with the same lease and pick up where you left off.

Good luck in finding a place to live!