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S1 and pensions

Posted by teen-214765 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by peterbrooke - 5 years ago

If you have been resident for more than 5 years then you should be able to retain all of your own rights for carte vitale cover irrelevant of your income position. point this out to them and they should come round.

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Posted by teen-214765 - 5 years ago

Thanks very much. We have been residents for 10 years. I'll await a reply from the CPAM, and if I get no joy, I'll do as you suggest.

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Posted by Lots-322716 - 5 years ago

Do some searching across other forums as this has been covered frequently.

You should be able to get a carte vitale from the CPAM in your own right on CMU base as long as your teacher's pension brings you into the barème for a 'droit de séjour' ie having enough private income to sustain yourself and not be a burden on the state. As a permanent French resident (3 months +) go back to the CPAM with all your paperwork and proof of your teacher's pension and tell them you want to register in your own right.

I'm assuming of course that you've been residents for less than 5 years.