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Seeking advice

Posted by ccd - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Lots-322716 - 7 years ago

Google comment porter plainte dentiste.

You need to write to the dentiste conseil of your CPAM outlining your complaint and/or the Conseil de l'Ordre des Chirurgiens Dentistes for your department. You can find this address on pagesjaunes.fr. There are no standard forms to fill in. Each case against a medical practitioner is heard and assessed upon the evidence provided by the patient and the subsequent notes and/or interview with the practitioner.

You will need to be very specific in detailing your problem and why and how you apportion blame on your dental practitioner. For them to take up the case, gross neglect or malpractice needs to be proven. A patient not being pleased with a medical practitioner's chair/bedside manner for example, is not just cause for an official complaint, because this is a matter of opinion in the eyes of the law. It would have to be things like extracting the wrong tooth in error (ie removing a healthy tooth), infection resulting from unhygienic practice (not scrubbing up, no gloves, no mask) and so on.

What do you quantify as 'bad dentistry'? My sister, brother in law and ex husband are all leading UK dental surgeons and I worked extensively with them when I was younger. You will get absolutely nowhere with a formal complaint unless you can provide xrays, the details provided to you of your treatment plan by your dentist, and evidence as to why you are of the opinion that they acted unprofessionally.

Legal aid exists in France - Aide Juridictionelle - but a lawyer will not take up your case on legal aid unless they have it approved by the legal aid department and a court case is imminent. You can't just sue anyone here and get legal aid if you're on a low income. There has to be a 'case' to answer by way of a court procedure in place. This would mean you making an official complaint about your dentist for civil damages and once you embark on that route ... if you lost you would be in for hefty financial implications.

If you detail your complaint and brief circumstances surrounding it, I am more than happy to seek advice from my family (my sister has practised in the USA and France). This will obviously be 'without prejudice' but may give you an idea of whether neglicence can be proven or not. If you are just disgruntled with the way you were treated on, move on and forget it would be my advice. It is extremely difficult to get a medical practitioner to admit malpractice and for it to be proven by a board.