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Shop Selling Alcohol After Hours

Posted by Josephine Mackenzie - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by Patrick71-182729 - 7 years ago

Did you get anywhere with this?

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Posted by Ba&Ke - 8 years ago

You should probably file a complaint at the Police station but unfortunately they will then very probably do nothing much about it!

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Posted by Josephine Mackenzie - 8 years ago

Thank you all for your replies, but no-one has answered my question. The vendor clearly knows the law, he has a notice posted on the door saying no entrance after 00:30.

The real issue is that the people who are buying the alcohol are drinking it in the street, making a lot of noise & are intimidating to passers by. I live in Nice, so who should I complain to? Can you go to the Municipal Police station & ask them to regularly patrol the street by driving past once an hour or something similar?

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 8 years ago

Le tribunal administratif NICE vient de confirmer l’arrêté municipal du 14 juillet 2010 qui interdit aux épiciers la vente d’alcool après 22 heures et l’ouverture du magasin au-delà de 0 h 30

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Posted by Patrick71-182729 - 8 years ago

3. Pour la vente à emporter (supermarchés, épiceries, mais aussi vente
ambulante, traiteurs, etc.)
• la petite licence à emporter concerne les boissons des 2 premiers groupes ;
• la licence à emporter concerne toutes les boissons autorisées.
Toute personne ouvrant un débit de boissons à consommer sur place doit suivre une
formation spécifique sur les droits et obligations attachés à l’exploitation d’un débit de
boissons. Cette formation est obligatoire et donne lieu à la délivrance d’un permis
d’exploitation (art. L3332-1-1).
Les débits de boissons à emporter ne sont soumis à l’obligation de formation que s’ils
vendent des boissons alcooliques de nuit (entre 22 heures et 8 heures).

can be sold after 2200 with a permit

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 8 years ago

She does not say her location, but in Nice you cannot sell acohol after 10pm.

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Posted by Methuselah-217505 - 8 years ago

Are there time limits on the sale of alcohol in France? I thought the only restrictions pertained to age, but I could well be wrong.