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Starting a company in France

Posted by benedictbell - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by wendy-179831 - 17 years ago

As suggested by Christine, you may do best to start with an accountant who can assess the nature of your planned business and what you will have to do to make it happen: registrations etc. You may well find that you need to see a lawyer too (depending on what the business structure needs to be) to set it all up legally. But a good acc should be able to guide you through - and recommend a business lawyer. (Although, this month most good accs and lawyers are fully booked up with year end taxes, so getting an appointment may take time.)

Good luck! (I hope you have some French skills :-)

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Posted by Rachael-180533 - 17 years ago

Again, it depends on what type of company you want. It can be very difficult or it can be so easy, for example, I am a profession liberale and have a micro entreprise, my tax returns take less than 5 seconds to complete, I dont need to keep any receipts etc etc , compared to the UK where I received Inland Revenue forms/booklets every three days, this is so paper free and easy.
I too have an accountant that I recommend, feel free to email me if you need his name.

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Posted by Christine-180881 - 17 years ago


I have just started a company myself. I know a good accountant. If you want his details just send me an e-mail.

Good luck,


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

Read the latest Riviera Reporter and then decide if you have the fortitude to do battle with a multitude of bureaucrats with their forms, cope with multitudes of taxes (appropriately called 'impositions').

No wonder there is so little free enterprise in this country!  The wise work for the government .... sorry,  are employed by the government.