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Still having problems with Orange Cancellation...

Posted by lphouston - Created: 8 years ago
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Posted by blaheen-314772 - 7 years ago

Hi there,

as long as you have informed them in writing re your decision to cancel that's acceptable but, always send important letters like this containing all the information they need to know by "recorded delivery" and keep a copy of everything you send.
If you cancel a contract before the expiry date then there will be a cancellation fee. You are obliged to pay this ! If you have cancelled your direct debit with your bank and you have written proof of this then, they can't start a new direct debit without your consent and signature of course !! And, anyway the bank wont clear it. So don't worry on that point.

As for Bailiffs and all that scaremongering cobblers, they are just trying to frighten you into paying. But remember if you have got a cancellation fee, it's best to pay it. Don't pay for anything you don't understand. Query it, you also have rights - remember that.

I had the exact same problem with another company. I did all of the above and basically as I was right, sent them away with a flea in their ear !!

Know your rights
Best of luck

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Posted by ChristopherL-188542 - 8 years ago

What you should understand in this is that Orange just don't care about cancelling you cleanly. They only care about making the sale and cashing your monthly debit. When you are not paying them any longer they effectively "sell" you as a bad asset to a collection agency who then hound you for the unpaid balance. You'll find that you can no longer even pay Orange if you want to - the amount is due to the agence de recouvrement as they have "bought" you.
The collection agency cannot make a move on your assets without a court order. This is fairly easily obtained if you have refused or ignored all correspondence with them. If an order is made, you will be advised (by the same method as you are currently receiving demands) so you will have a last gasp chance to settle if and when a court order is granted.
To protect yourself against an unopposed court order you should send the debt collectors copies of the cancellation correspondence that you sent to Orange. Bear in mind that even if you believe you cancelled cleanly that there may still be a residual that you owed to Orange (e.g. uncompleted contract subsidy) and this part of the debt is still recoverable in law whatever your reason was for cancellation. So it would be wise to get an itemized bill from the debt collectors and to pay what you think is reasonable rather than letting the situation degrade and incur horrendous costs.

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Posted by lphouston - 8 years ago

When signing up, they said if we needed to cancel before the contract was over, we just needed to have a valid reason. They also said moving out of the country was a 'valid reason'...

When leaving, I called them several times, sent them letters, etc... as they asked, with proofs we had left. Heck, we weren't even using the phones anymore. We also went to the Orange store to give back the Livebox, cancel the land line and internet... They made it hard though, going on about how they didn't want to completely remove our accounts in case we decided to come back.
That is why I went to the bank to stop any withdrawals (I had problems with Alice before, they kept taking money for months AFTER we moved and closed our phone service).

The stuff was sent LR/AR but of course, they act as if we owe them money and we don't.

I am just a bit worried because the collection agency has my bank account number... can they really do anything?



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Posted by gagaka_noh - 8 years ago


You shouldn't pay if you already sent your letter of cancellation why would you pay for something you didn't use? You should send them a letter telling that! If you have informed them properly then you shouldn't worry. Its very common for them to send those letters with hussier, thier way to get in you nerves and just pay ! I had an experience with my electricity when we moved appartment they sent me an enormous amount way beyond my usual bills i sent them a letter telling them i will never pay the amount (these companies earns millions of euros!) then i recieved some letters from their hussier telling me they will pursue me if i will not pay i called them and told them that they can spend their money and time going to process but i will never pay for something i never deserve they can lock me up in prison if it satisfy them but that's all they can do! Until now i never heard from them for several months already.You just have to be firm if you believe you are in the right side otherwise its like giving them moeny for free!

Hope this help.

Good luck!

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Posted by Ras-214972 - 8 years ago

Were you within or out of your minimum contract commitment period?
If within, it would probably be easier to just pay up. I believe there are circumstances that you can use to get out of such a commitment, but the bother of this, plus the worry etc may not be worth it, and in my opinion, it is not wrong for Orange to try to pursue this.
In case you have fulfilled your minimum contract, assuming you have proof that you did indeed inform them of cancellation, you should be able to sort it out by writing to them again with all the necessary facts.