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stun guns

Posted by daisy2-185007 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Collie21 - 15 years ago

How about a really loud alarm system and cameras and a few self defence lessons. I understand completely the nervousness and fear after a robbery never mind 4, however I would ask yourself a question if I may. Were you in your home when it robbed or were you out??? If you were in it, do something to secure yourself and your home immediately, if you were out.....well maybe thats why the robber came. Robbery and physical violence mix well for the cinema but most housebreakers are just that and looking for cash and valuables not conflict and injury.(In my opinion, and having known a few in my time..)IF all else fails you could always get a crocodile and keep him in the pool. :-)Colliehey does that wall have a crack in it?

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Posted by pammie-194766 - 15 years ago

I think Daisy has a good point. She's not wanting a stun gun for her pocketbook. She probably wants it on her night table, in case she hears something. After a burlgary, let alone a few burglaries, I can well understand her wanting to protect herself. I also think she would be well-advised to invest in an alarm system at this point!

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

While the French are quite laid back about people having guns and sprays and knives, they are getting upset about big dogs, especially the sort with five legs (four on the body and one in the mouth).

I can understand that since several times while out mountain biking I have been chased by a large dog while the owners shout out ineffectively "Caligula! Viens ici" or "Désolée Monsieur, il n'est pas vraiment méchant"

If the owners had had a shotgun or a large knife instead I wouldn't have felt in the least bit threatened.


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Posted by oodster - 15 years ago

get a big dog!! They do the trick!

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Posted by daisy2-185007 - 15 years ago

Mmmmm.....some interesting and thought provoking arguments.  Maybe I will have second thoughts.  However, I'm feeling a little bit vulnerable after FOUR  burglaries and would like SOME form of self protection in my own home.  Reasonable force IS permissable, I believe.  Dublinmike - I feel you were a LITTLE BIT harsh suggesting I be banished to Detroit (of ALL places)!! 

I notice that most of the critics are MALE - is this merely coincidence?

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Posted by lynnettejane - 15 years ago

J19,  surely it is more of a question of how French law defines defence, rather than potential defenders (is that the right English?)regards Lynnette

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Posted by jamesh19 - 15 years ago

The point, surely, is that, like violence creating more violence, the ownership (implied usage) of guns/weapons will just beget more guns/weapons, and then we will be in a spiral. Where then will it stop ? Look at many examples over the world, but especially SA.

The answer is not to build castles, because that creates inquisitiveness then jealousy and desire.  However, to just turn the other cheek when something you have is under threat is impossible. As implied, the answer is to avoid danger hot-spots, walk away from fights, and only DEFEND when absolutely necessary.

Now, how do you interpret defence... 

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Posted by Alex_M - 15 years ago

I agree with both Mikes.
The market for "self defence" items such as this only serves to ratchet up the culture of fear, and will not solve any problems.


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 15 years ago

Having lived most of my adult life in a country with a 'gun culture', I do agree with Dublin Mike.  Guns are very often, in fact, more often than not, more of a danger to their owner and to innocent bystanders than to the intended victim.  During the short period when I carried a gun, when my job required me to go into Table Bay Docks at night, I felt very nervous.  After deciding, against the wishes of my employers, not to carry a gun,  I felt safer!

There was a tragic case only last week in South Africa of someone who shot his 19 year old daughter late at night because he thought she was a thief trying to steal her own car. 

Many licensed guns are stolen and end up in the hands of criminals where they are then used in crime or warfare. I don't think that stun guns come into that category of danger,  but they are not effective other than under the unlikely circumstances Mike outlined.

To those who feel the need to have some sort of defence, and I agree that in some places round here it has become necessary, then perhaps you should think in terms of avoiding those areas and times that are known to be dangerous, keeping very vigilant,  locking your car doors, not leaving valuables on display in the car,  not driving a flashy car,  and as a last resort, perhaps carrying something like a pepper spray. 

And finally ............. being very wary of kids on motor scooters in certain areas,  who seem to be the main danger round here unless you are involved with the Mafia, in which case I don't think you'd be reading a discussion about stun guns!

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 15 years ago

Daisy it is legal to buy a stun gun, but if you use it you will have to defend your action in the same way and with the same justification as if it were a gun that shoots bullets, and you shot someone. In a recent case in Var Matin a guy got 4 years for using it on a guy he 'thought' was trying to break into his car.

If you buy something like this, consider that the first thing that's going to happen is that someone you threaten is going to take it from you, and if not use it on you, will use it on other innocents.

I feel strongly about this issue and I think people are fools to even consider it. If you feel you need to defend yourself, learn how to with your hands. Assault victims who pull weapons routinely fare much worse than their surprised and harmless peers.

I for one would take that weapon from you before you would even have a chance to think where the trigger was. Those things can kill, and they do very regularly. So if someone mugs you, are you going to kill them? Are you going to say 'hold still while I get close enough to stun you'.

The effectivness of a stun gun is related to the victim and not the weapon, unlike a real gun. So what stuns a healthy 30 yr old male will kill your 3 year old child, your grandmother and your uncle with the weak heart.

These horrible horrible weapons cannot be used unless you have someone else to hold down the victim so that you can make contact within the range. Thus making them very popular with police and torture squads the world over, particularly in Iraq of late.

The very thought decent people going around with stun guns on their person makes me think we would be better off if they took their little cloud of downtown Detroit somewhere else. Because it gives me the heebies.