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Posted by BarbaraHastings - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago


Is she sure it's French tax that has been deducted? It is unusual for tax to be deducted PAYE in France. The normal thing is for a tax form to be submitted each year on which all the household earnings are declared (tax is per household not per individual) and the annual tax bill is then sent out for payment. If tax is indeed being deducted at source then this must be a special arrangement specific to the work she does, the contract she has or the company she works for.

Also, you say she is freelance; freelancers are self-employed people, they submit invoices to their clients and they manage their own tax affairs, but presumably this is not what she does or tax wouldn't be deducted. Is she in fact a 'casual worker' rather than a 'freelance'?

In order to get the tax back she would have to complete an annual French tax return, which in her case would be a non-resident's declaration of income. There is a separate section of the tax office that deals with non residents and I think the form relating to 2012 income has to be submitted in June 2013. She would need to contact the Service des impots des particuliers non-residents, contact details at http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/R122.xhtml

If she lives in Spain I guess she will also declare her income in France to the Spanish government as part of her worldwide income, and it may be that if she hadn't already paid tax in France she would be taxed on it in Spain instead - not sure if you're saying she doesn't earn enough in France to be above the threshold, or doesn't earn enough worldwide to be above the threshold.

If she wants to pursue it, suggest she contacts the non-resident tax dept but it would be a certain amount of hassle so if I was her I would check first that I would get enough tax back to make it worthwhile.