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tax on running a chambre d'hote in france

Posted by ziggyzoo-882047 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by Neil Clarke - 7 years ago

Hi ziggyzoo,

First of all read "Working in France" here on the AngloInfo site and also about the "Auto-Entrepreneur" [AE] system which is what I am registered under.

Under my status I pay 13% (soon to be 15%) of my gross quarterly turnover as a combined social security / income tax payment.  I can't claim for expenses though but that is allowed for in the lower charge rate.     There is an upper earnings limit before you have to register on a more complicated system where you pay more tax and SS but can claim for expenditure.    If you have a massive expenditure it could be more beneficial anyway.

We created chambres d'hotes (2) and a small appartment at our house and then I registered at the chamber of commerce in 2009 as an AE to keep things simple and avoid being clobbered for up-front charges before we had any guests. Also you can manage without an accountant.               (If you later find you need to supplement your income, it's better to register any side-line jobs at the same time, eg. I am allowed to sell 2nd-hand furniture & goods and work as an odd-job man).

You also need to register a chambre d'hote at the Mairie (I think the limit is 5 rooms/15 people), no charge, just a simple formality.  It also helps to join Clevacances (or Gites de France) to get advice.and publicity, this does have a yearly cost according to no. of rooms.

I hope you can get more in-depth advice  from someone else as I am only on the basic level of the French tax system.

Bon courage !             Neil