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Tax status

Posted by chellie71 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by LovedaCote - 5 years ago

Be careful here. If they consider you a resident here, the tax will be much more and depending on how many years it has gone on for it could be a sizable sum.

I say be careful as Pres. Hollande has made tax dodgers on the top of his agenda in his July 14th speech. Ignorance is not an excuse if it has been going on for years. 1st year, maybe some leniency.

Follow the directions above with crossed fingers..

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Posted by NicolaasM-275338 - 5 years ago

As far as I know, France and the UK have a tax treaty to avoid double taxation. When you are more than 183 days in France, you will become a tax resident in France and will have to report your worldwide income in France. However taxes paid in another country can be deducted from your French taxes, so that effectively you only pay tax once.

I suggest you speak to a tax consultant in France, they can help you or just visit the tax office, they are usually quite helpful here in France.

Wish you success,


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Posted by plusate - 5 years ago

You have to be careful here because you could end up paying double tax? Depends if your a permanent resident in the UK or France. You can only be in each country for a certain amount of time before you become eligable for tax in either country. I suggest you speak to the tax offices in France and the UK and see what the situation is because the law is always changing