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Tenant rights

Posted by nat82 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

even if the appartment was for sale before you signed your contract you are safe until the end of it- you may be being sold as a sitting tenant for the new owner.

As previously stated there are definate time delays for notice to quit etc

ADIL will confirm this/ calm your fears

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Posted by Garonne - 5 years ago

Actually, you have even more protection than nissalabella states.

A landlord can only give notice to quit a minimum of 6 months before the END of the 3 year tenancy agreement and not before, if the property is sold (not for sale) or they or members of their direct family wish to take up residence.  They cannot give you notice to quit before your 3 year agreement is up and for no other reason.

He is then obliged as nissablabelle states, to notify you in writing of his intention to sell and giving you first option to buy.  If he sells the property, he or the new owner must give you notice to quit and if the property completes before the end of your 3 year tenancy, you remain as a legal tenant under the new owner until the end of your bail. It would then depend on the time scale as to who would give you notice, but either way you are 'safe' until the expiry of your 3 year contract and if notice isn't given AT LEAST 6 months before that date, you are automatically entitled to stay for a further 3 years regardless of who owns the property  ...

Write to your landlord, recorded delivery, quoting the relevant Article which you can easily find by Googling.

When does your 3 year bail end?

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Posted by nissalabella - 5 years ago

As you have a 3-year lease, the landlord was obliged to give you a 6-month notice (with a registered letter) telling you his intention to sell the flat you're reting and offering you the possibility of acquiring the flat at the price of ....  if you wanted it!  After receipt of the letter, you had 2 months to tell him if you wanted to purchase the flat or not, and then, and ONLY THEN, your landlord could have contacted an agent to put the flat on the market to sell it.  If you found out completely out of the blue that the flat you presently rent if on the market for being sold, then contact the ADIL or the ANIL (they have internet sites) and see how you can deal in respect of your rights.

Hope this helps,


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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

contact your local ADIL for advise (that's what they are there for) as the answer will depend on when you signed the lease & when the place was put on the market

Check them out in the pages jaunes