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Urgent help re. social security payments etc.

Posted by Bill Arkill - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Maire-228490 - 12 years ago

Ironman is right URSSAF just collect but normally you only pay them if you're an employeur or self employed.???

Is this or was it your position? because if your unemployed you don't pay URSSAF directly.

Anyone thinking of staying here should fill out their tax forms here as your going to need the statement which says"IMPOSABLE" or "NON IMPOSABLE" all the time, its never too late, just go along to your local bureau and they'll help (normally!!) Fill in 2 .1 FOR THEM 1 FOR YOU

You'll need it for CAF, ASSEDIC,and CPAM

IF your are or were unemployed ,to benefit from payments from the CPAM you must or should have been first signed on with the assedic and anpe

Then you can ask for unemployment benifits and if not entitled to anything maybe as another reader says the RMI;

The're seems to be a big "cock up" with your File , I'm not sure but you may have done things in the wrong order

So if we have more exact info . maybe we can help some more

as ironman says you can pay the urssaf in installements (then maybe think of proving the mistake to get reimbursed

read the other answers to similiar ??? on this forum as many people mix up CMU and SS

please don't hesitate to pop any other ???


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Posted by ironman-199517 - 15 years ago

Hello,You have not managed this.at all well. As part of my work I assist expats to affiliate to the health system. If you have not already done so you should apply to the Department for Work and Pensions for E106. Issue will depend on what NI contributions you have paid between April 2002 - 2004 (the last two Uk income tax years). The E106 is unlikely to be valid beyond January 2006.The contribution you have made may only be a quarterly. Your contribution for the period I October 2004 - 30 September 2005 will be based on your income for the period 1 Jan - 31 Dec 2003. It is your income after allowances. However as the income for this period was outside France the contribution may well have been based on gross income. Your liability will have been calculated as 8% of the difference between 6849 Euros and your total income (after allowances). But as I say in this case it may have been made on gross income. The contribution is paid in quarterly installments to URSSAF, who act as state debt collectors and have a sense of humour to match.RegardsIronman

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Posted by ö - 15 years ago

ps, yearly!ö

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Posted by ö - 15 years ago

you still have to contribute to CMU if you earn more then 7000 odd euros! 8 percent of the difference...ö

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Posted by pub.valbonne - 16 years ago

you can't have everything........why did not you apply for the CMU instead of contributing yourself !

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Posted by Bill Arkill - 16 years ago


Thanks for your reply. I have spoken to the URSSAF who have told me to speak to the CPAM as they only collect the money. I will call the CPAM today.

Interesting about paying the UK. I have sent a query off an e-mail query to the NIC Agency in the UK and seen some info on the Double Contributions Agreement and similar reciprocal agreements but no definitive answers. I hope they reply.

When you say "you get reimbursed eventually" in your message do you mean that you know I can claim the money back from the UK or the French or are you just saying "it's worth it because the CPAM re-imburse you money when you're ill etc so it will pay for itself in the long run"?




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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 16 years ago

You eventually get reimbursed.  Have you tried talking with them to see if they will change it?

I thought that if you were not working for a French company you could continue paying UK social security, at least for a year or two and that's much cheaper.  That way you are covered by the reciprocal agreement.


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Posted by Bill Arkill - 16 years ago

Many thanks for your help. I'll look into the two things you suggest but will prepare myself to pay as a last resort.



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Posted by clara30 - 16 years ago

Unfortunately, that is how it works in my experience, as they base your CMU contributions on the last 12 months income, not your actual. 

There are only two ways out of this that I am aware of:

1. If you are accepted for RMI (Revenue Minimum de Insertion) you automatically get free CMU (Universal Health Coverage)

2. If you were previously employed in the UK you may be able to get a certificate (106) which gives you coverage in France for a certain amount of time. You will need to talk to the National Insurance people in the international section in the UK, and you may need to be persistant.

I don't think that you will be able to claim the 2,000 euro back from the National insurance in the UK. Given the amount of hassle involved in this (from my experience) you may find it easier just to pay.

Good luck