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VAT question on business equipment

Posted by musky-211885 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by JarodMonaco - 7 years ago

Hello Kathy,
You should wait a little before invest in equipments aborad (if you can), But :
1) You can purchase your equipment before you register your firm in France - your investment will be considered as "contribution in kind" for your future company (Think carefully to entitle the investment invoice with the name of the new company...). Over 7500€, you need a statutory auditor to valuate your asset and write a financial and an accountant statement. Under 7500€, you can write it down in the legal status with the amount of amortization, and VAT refunding account...
2) You wait the starting-up of your french company and you invest with your new business - very simple !
So, even if you purchase abroad and as an individual customer, you can declare to the Tax authorities your equipement as amortization and get your VAT back with your french business....
Feel free to contact me for any additional details....
R. Maillet

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Posted by Floridian-312987 - 7 years ago

Why don't you give a call to HM Revenue and Customs and "get it from the horses mouth" instead of second hand as they are who will be refunding you.(maybe or maybe not)