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Villa renter ran off without paying.......what next

Posted by dendavie - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by nissalabella - 7 years ago

Hi Dendavie,  your story looks very familiar to what happens to a lot of landlords...

If you have a proof of these people's identity, then yes you can try to contact somebody in charge of legal affairs at the American Embassy.  They might say they can't do anything because the prejudice took place in France under the French law.

 You can always try to contact the "Tribunal d'Instance" if amount due is less than 4000 Euros or the "Tribunal de Grande Instance" if the amount is more.  I don't know where you live but there is a TI in Cagnes and a TGI in Grasse.  Nice, of course, has got the two legal instances.

It seems like you may not get anywhere unless you contact a lawyer (costs money) and, before any money you may be willing to pay to recover the money, you may want to check if these people are financially liable or not.  If they are not, then just forget it, a tenant is currently owning us 23000 euro of unpaid rent... He's gone now, but it cost us some money to get rid of him!

Anyway, thanks very much to have warned us of their email, and all the best, if anything, to recover your money... but it looks like you have only a very little chance!


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Posted by Squeaky-882728 - 7 years ago

How awful for you dendavie, but you won't have a chance of recovering the money without a very lengthy court case involving huge legal costs, if indeed you can trace them at all.  What sort of contract did you draw up with them?

There are, sadly, similar stories right across France.  If anyone is considering renting out their property they must have a legal French contract, a deposit of one month's rent and the rent paid in advance.  Most French landlords will insist on a huge amount of paperwork and a guarantor.  For tenants and their guarantor it is standard for the landlord to request proof of permanent, regular net income of at least 3 times the rent.  They will also require photocopies of photo identity, and bank account details as well as avis d'impots (for French residents). 

Would it be worth reporting to the American Embassy perhaps?  Presuming you have proof of their true identiy and they didn't give you false names.