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What is the best way to employ legally a housekeeper/nanny?

Posted by lightseebreeze - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by lightseebreeze - 5 years ago

Thank you for your help, that is the kind of information I was looking for!


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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 5 years ago

This system http://www.cesu.urssaf.fr/cesweb/ces1.jsp  is designed to be a simple way to do exactly that.

Be aware that on top of her wages, which must be at least SMIC, you will pay her cotisations as her employer - which will be getting on for as much again as the wages. Then, on your tax return at the end of the year, you state how much you have paid in via this system, and you should get a tax rebate on it. So it isn't as bad as it first appears.

Also, if you employ her long term she may acquire contractual rights which may make it expensive if you don't terminate her employment correctly. Can't advise on that, but suggest you look into it.

The system is however easy to use and will keep you and her perfectly legal.