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Which wedding contract?

Posted by GG88 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by tomathom - 4 years ago

As for the Mariage Contract - we would like to share everything and if it came to a divorce, which I seriously hope it would not, then I would like to make sure my wife gets her fair share. Most French contracts protect the induvivual however if one is a high earner it can be very biased. We are both striving to make sure we feel comfortable. That may seem very clinical to you @AxelRed but it's so that after this we can relax and just get on with enjoying our marriage, family, life, holidays...

Thank you Andrew for the information - we have another meeting with the notaire on Thursday where we hope to iron out our last questions/concerns...

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Posted by Mandarine Web - 4 years ago

Whilst it is important to choose the right regime in France, in any country other than France where you acquire community property the French regime may count for nothing in the event of a "rupture" of the relationship.

In any regime in France, the contract will only cover assets brought into the "agreement" or subsequently (through inheritance perhaps) gifted to one of the partners, so your respective earning capacities after the marriage are irrelevant and "unprotectable" within the meaning of asset protection.

I am English, married to a French wife and our choice of contract was made specifically to cater to inheritence protection/fairness with regards to our children from previous marriages.

You need professional advice as to what each contract option offers; only you and your partner can decide which one meets your emotional and practical needs.



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Posted by GG88 - 4 years ago

We went to see a notaire in Grasse who advised us to do "Participation aux Acquêts", but my fiancé is not sure that it's the right contract to go for and as the law words are not all easy to understand, he doesn't want to be caught if we divorce one day. And maybe, probably, because we live in France, he's a bit scared that the system will be more in favour of me, the Frenchie, than of him... 

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Posted by laughingboy-409220 - 4 years ago

Why not talk to your notaire? It all depends on your personal circumstances, and your notaire will be able ask you all kinds of questions about your finances, your debts, the value of your individual and joint possessions, your incomes and your plans for the future that you would probably not want to discuss on a public forum.