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who pays the tv licence

Posted by schusch - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 16 years ago

This is very simple . If the property you rent is fully furnished , the TV Licence should be covered by the rental of aforesaid property and paid by the property owner and/or whoever purchased the TV or hooked up to Cable /satelite etc.

The French TV licence fraud squad do their rounds in unmarked vans and are legally allowed to check properties for TV's - could it be that they have spotted the TV antenna and are sending a one off demand ? If it isn't addressed to you personally , follow Nina's advice and ignore or give it to the landlord who will probably ignore it as well !

I'm happy to pay my TV licence as the Cable TV setup in Nice with NC numericable and Canal + is one of the best services in the modern world ! There are at least 6 english language films or series per evening on a variety of channels and payperview on 10 channnels in just about any languge you want if you have the right TV .

Good luck



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Posted by NadiaG-192314 - 16 years ago

If you bought a TV set in a shop they will forward your details to the TV licence guys and you will receive a letter asking you to pay. I think everybody gets the bill at the same time, once a year, but I'm not sure when.

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Posted by dominicg - 16 years ago

Can anyone clarify? Ive just bought a TV in France and gave the shop my (French) address.Is it just a question of sitting back and waiting for a letter to pop through the door or am I obliged to tell the authorities that I am now watching French TV? The other point is - how much time do they give you to pay up? I'm not always at my French home and letters don't get sent on...



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Posted by nina-II - 16 years ago

this is a  non civic suggestion from a french born person (english educated people find it hard to think this way): why don't you just IGNORE the letter? How is anybody to prove that you own a TV set without actualy entering your home? As long as the french public channels are pleagued with advertising, its a moraly defendable position.

PS I don't own a TV set myself

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Posted by Sam the clam-189505 - 16 years ago

Was the demand addressed to you in person?

Have you taken resident status here in France?

I suggest you take it up with the proprietor. If you were on a short holiday rental then the onus is on the landlord to pay all property taxes etc.. However as you have now extended your rental period to a long term one, things are different. If you have taken residential status, you may even get hit with Taxe D'Habitation/Foncier as well. It depends on what you have signed in your rental agreement. It makes no difference which channels you watch, the license still has to be paid.

 Hope this has been of some help.

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Posted by schusch - 16 years ago

Thanks for that, But i have recieved something in the post for the next years use??

I dont even know what channels etc are on this arrangement as i dont watch any of the french stations, purely because i dont understand a word on them.

What now?

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Posted by Sam the clam-189505 - 16 years ago

Generally, the person who bought the TV is the one who pays the license. In France, you will only receive a demand for payment if you have either recently purchased a TV on french soil or subscribed to any of the various french Satellite/cable services. If the TV was bought in England and brought over to use in conjunction with a sky digital unit, then I doubt if the household have ever received a demand!