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Withdrawal of Winter Fuel Payments for Ex-pats

Posted by Neil Clarke - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Neil Clarke - 4 years ago


I've replied to "house for rent" 's reply to my original posting & now his reply has disappeared.

In case it doesn't re-appear, he said why "should expats get the WFP?" & points out that they moved to France before they became pensioners & don't get WFP so why should we.

By the way, the number of signatures on the petition has gone up from 2600 to 5673 in 10 days but obviously there is still a long way to go yet to reach 100,000 !!  

Connexion's weekly newsletter has just pointed out the tiny number of ex-pats living in France's "warm" overseas places compared to the number living in France itself, showing just how devious the government is.


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Posted by Neil Clarke - 4 years ago

Hi house for rent,

Because the European Union decreed last year that we are now entitled to it.

My wife asked about WFA (WFP) before we left England in April 2007 as she had just reached 65. She was told she would not get a payment if she moved to France. She asked again in 2008 & was told she could get it if she was in the UK during a specific qualifying week in September, (not financially beneficial). That was the ruling for everyone at the time but EU (complicated case) then decided it was discriminatory & told UK Gov. to pay it. 

My wife got it for the first time last winter & you could have applied for it too.

You can apply for a payment for this winter if you get your claim in before next March. Go on line to the government's Work & Pensions site & look for the links to WFP for UK citizens living in another country.

If you don't want the money, please apply anyway & kindly send the £200 to us to help pay the high Jan/Feb EDF bill, or send to charity.

(After a claim for back payments of 5 years' WFP & several appeals, she was still denied payment for not formally applying in the first place).

Kind regards,

Neil & Sheila