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Advice setting up restaurant

Posted by harpo-187362 - Created: 13 years ago
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Posted by marco_rossi - 9 years ago

here is are some pointer:

France is one of the most difficult places in the developed world to do business, South Africa and Saudi Arabia are better according to the world bank http://www.doingbusiness.org/EconomyRankings/ If you can avoid opening a business in here then AVOID it, unless you are determined like 'joan of arc' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joan_of_arc) you will fail Remember that the French government will try to drown your business with high corporate taxes and social charges, check the "employer's social charges" as this is a new idea to most people that come to this country.

This post might also be interesting http://riviera.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_id=129273 , you will not be alone in your pain, confusion and frustration!

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Posted by Squirrel-192434 - 13 years ago

Hello again comrades,

Seem to have ruffled some feathers here, was not my intention and appologise for doing so.

I agree that advice from people with experience is great if not better, however, you can still find ALL the info you need through the chambre. Further to basic business registration and introduction to the system, they can provide contact names and numbers of bodies from step 2a through z and back to a relating to all business sectors.

Indofrenchguy, if you have so many international businesses and white hair and worn out shoes from previous encounters then surely you should know the answers already? Nobody has implied you maybe a geek.

I do pay much attention, wouldn't say depend on gov admin/info as I find it kinda helps funilly enough, especially as a foreigner running a business in a foreign country in a FOREIGN LANGUAGE. Are you sure they withold more than they give, and its not just a simple misunderstanding or failure to grasp the info due to not speaking French?. They will and do take the carpet from under your feet!

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Posted by indofrenchguy - 13 years ago

Cher Andy,U just said it!!! I did want to say the same to our Comrade .Who perhaps belives more,reads more and depends more on the Government Administrations bulletins and the informations they provide.But NOTE that its all in french and one can never get ENGLISH versions of it in chambers of commerce/metiers....Besides my personal experience is ....that they "WITH HOLD MORE THAN WHAT THEY PROVIDE"!!AND A WRONG UNAWARE STEP CAN TAKE the CARPET away from under ur feet.When ,where and how?? You never can KNOW??I may be a GEEK in exploring a restaurant business in French reviria/france (but i descend from a family of hoteliers and restaurant owners but none in E.U)...and I do have plenty WHITE hairs...and WORN OUT SHOES...quite a few OWING to the French Govt/deptts/documents etc..in order to set up my other international businesses here...so much so...that now i like to hear Sounds of "whats flows under the grounds here first". Dr P.K.Saint Rapahel83700EMAIL:drpk59@yahoo.com

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Posted by harpo-187362 - 13 years ago


after having spent the last twenty years living, working and raising a family in France, I have come to appreciate the 'real world' advice of people in addition to the 'published information' from the state.

I have already done my background research but know from experience that while steps 1, 2, and 3 are well published, only those who have already been through it will be aware of steps 2a through z.


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Posted by Squirrel-192434 - 13 years ago

Hello harpo & guy

without sounding rude or patronising, if you are serious and dedicated about doing your thing(s), then you would approach the appropriate bodies to achieve your goal(s) i.e touching base with the chambre de commerce/metiers and getting advice from 'the horses mouth' so to speak, 'straight off the bat' so to speak, so you get the ins & outs and precise facts and requirments. In this way, you know exactly where you stand and what is required of you. Pie in the sky is no good, get out of the baby food geek thing and educate urselfs!

I'm sure that all advice from AI users will be exact and constructive as always, however, the system here is non-forgiving, first get the facts as they are and adapt.

Wish you both the best of luck with your ventures, am rather partial to alcohol and Indian cuisine, not necessarily in that order but who cares. Its all about giving it a run! 

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Posted by indofrenchguy - 13 years ago

Bonjour i too am looking for informations for the same but an Indien restorante cum snacks bar though...1.Formalities for it.2.Legal requirements 3.Project costs for a 25-50 seater.4.Equipments and from where 4.Fittings and fixtures 5.Staff etc etc...will any Big generous Hotelier educate us baby FOOD GEEKS!!we have a passion for foods...ourselves....and we can be assured of 1 permanent customer...US/ME!!! Dr P.K.Saint Rapahel83700EMAIL:drpk59@yahoo.com