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Are there any French supermarkets that sell

Posted by cotedazurarts - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by cotedazurarts - 5 years ago

Thanks to all for the helpful advice - Vence it is! :)

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Posted by 52xmax - 5 years ago

try Leclerc in Vence, they have frozen packs, both smoked or unsmoked.

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Posted by teen-14236 - 5 years ago

I noticed recently Carrefour Lingostiere have "real" bacon in small packs now, rather than poitrine. It's in the same area as lardons and poitrine. Not tried it but it's clearly ordinary back bacon.

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Posted by citic-213768 - 5 years ago

do you mean that cheap bacon from factory pigs that supermarkets and butchers sell  ?  good luck fing quality BIo bacon , i guess it we lived in alsace should be lots of good bacon 


if so  go to any butcher that sells pork and ask for "Poitrean du porc .... thin " he will give you thin sliced bacon , packed with salt 


or careffour sell it waver thin 

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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 5 years ago

You can buy packs of what we would generally call streaky bacon in the section of the supermarket where the ham, hot dog sausages etc are kept. Its called poitrine and is either sliced or in a 2 inch wide slab. We always buy the sliced smoked & it s reasonably right for a bacon sandwich. Not sure if they do it unsmoked- never looked.We get it in caino but Im sure the other supermarkets have it

never seen back bacon or the long back in 20+ years in france