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French/Irish Restaurant

Posted by aideen-189846 - Created: 13 years ago
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Hi all ! Can anyone advise me? My French partner and I are returning to Ireland next year where we will be opening our first restaurant. We want to combine the cuisine of both countries and would value your imput as to which dishes would be the best to offer. Imagine you were to come to us, what would you like to eat? How much would you be willing to pay for a decent bottle of wine, for example? How would you imagine the decor would work best for us - the space we have will only seat 30 comfortably. Also, can anyone suggest some good cd's of typically "French" music, if you know what I mean! We want to offer as wide ranging a menu as possible without breaking the bank! Thanks in advance for all your help!aideen

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Posted by marboden - 13 years ago

Dear Aideen,


Try out La Mere Zou in Stephens Green, Dublin 2 - I love their cuisine.  They do early bird meals for those on a budget!  You would get a good idea on prices etc. as they have been there for yonks.  Do keep us all posted!



Margaret and Derek

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Posted by Dubliner-202875 - 13 years ago

Hi Aideen,

Have you set up the restaurant in Ireland? Myself and my wife would love to try your food!

Best of luck



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Posted by Margarete-181866 - 13 years ago


I would love to find something vegetarian as well and French cheese of course.

As a starter I often enjoy the salad au chevre chaud et and of course as dessert the famous mousse au chocolat.

I also like the idea of having a menu and not thrown out of the restaurant after finishing my meal.

Furthermore some aperetifs and olives should not be missed.

Good luck and drop us a note where in Ireland you will open the restaurant.




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Posted by leslie-179832 - 13 years ago


Below are some cookbooks that make excellent refrence guides to help you plan your menu.  I suggest looking at :

1)  The Taste Of France by Freson.

2)  7 Centuries of English Cooking, by Maxime de la Falaise- this is great as it has historical notes on the food and alot of the recipes are actually either based on French cooking or  the otherway around. ( french dishes that were based on English cooking) This should help you plan.

3)   LuLus Provencal Table by Richard Olney- May be hard to find, but wil help you alot.

4) French Cuising by the mastr chef Henri Paul Pellaprat.

Good Luck and If I can be of further help let me know.