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Gluten free croissants

Posted by Catattack - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by auberia - 7 years ago

Hi,I just want to make clear - it's not just one shop, there are several. These are 'health shops' not supermarkets and are scattered all over the coast. If you google in the names you will get the locations nearest you:BioCoop ( which is a 'chain') also Satoriz or La Vie Claire, and one in 'Botanic'( in Mouans Sartoux). There are other smaller independent ones too . Also re deliveries the bread is quickly sold out so you might be unlucky on first visit. Call in and ask at the shop nearest you. I do know that some of the bakeries have closed for August - so don't be disappointed.Auberia

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Posted by Catattack - 7 years ago

Thank you so much for your reply, I will look for that store!

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Posted by auberia - 7 years ago

Hi,The health shop ('magasins Bio') have a selection of gluten-free bread and croissants if you ask. I don't want to disappoint you but, as a lover of croissants myself and having problems with gluten, you won't find much of a taste in the gluten-free ones ( which come in sealed air-tight packets). What I could suggest is the 'bio' bread and croissants that they get delivered fresh in their stores most days a week from different 'bio' bakeries. The croissants are delicious (albeit with gluten flour but with less refining) and the different breads ( some are actually gluten-free made with flour like rice flour and millet) are excellent. See how you get on.Auberia