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How to choose a melon?

Posted by SunnySue-315619 - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by NorthernGal-230817 - 5 years ago

I always buy from markets rather than supermarkets and ask the seller to pick them telling them what day you want to eat them! If you're ever not happy you can goo back and tell them and prob get a free replacement!
If u live in valbonne area, try Albane - young girl who sells in from of the church on a fri morn till 12:30 ish. all her produce is fantastic, esp her batavia salads!

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Posted by magsk-214612 - 5 years ago

With your thumb, press on the end that is/was stemless. It should give a little. Then take a sniff of the melon; it should smell like a melon but not be overwhelming (that could mean it's overripe). Avoid melons with dark/discolored patches.

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Posted by SunnySue-315619 - 5 years ago

Thanks for the watermelon tip, I had no idea. I'm learning!

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Posted by belena - 5 years ago

I also always sniff melons - should smell ripe. For watermelons my trick is to knock on them - ripe ones sound hollow. Good luck!;-)

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Posted by LisaD-206782 - 5 years ago


Someone once told me to check the area around the stem (or where the stem would have been before being cut off), and if that little circle is cracked, you know that the fruit was ripe enough to be picked. I have used this method ever since, and I have never gone wrong! Easy and reliable. Have fun!

Best wishes,