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Recommendations for day out to Italy.

Posted by arletty69 - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by cheryl-180648 - 7 years ago

France does have beautiful towns and gorg beaches, when you are feeling flush and want to pose. Which is great now and then. However, if you want delicious food and wine, great service and lovely sandy beaches, head over to Italy past San Remo. Diano marina is a lovely little town, not posh, but lovely sandy beach and very laidback attitude, which you don't find in SOF. Dolce Aqua and Seborga are also wonderful.


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Posted by arletty69 - 7 years ago

Thanks to all who have contributed to this post and sorry for not reporting back sooner!

Arletty69 did indeed enjoy his lunch in Aprecale. After a walk around the village of Apricale - very interesting, lovely views - we ate lunch in Apricale del Delio. The service is second to none and the food is excellent with a very interesting and original menu. We ate rabbit, goat and dried fish - all excellent. Will definitely be returning to sample some of the other items on the menu! Prices are reasonable considering the high standards.

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Posted by RobertW-240619 - 7 years ago

Going back to the first post, I wonder if arletty69 enjoyed his lunch in Apricale?

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Posted by Cherchez - 7 years ago

Because johnking the hotel claims to be an 'international hotel' and a lot of it's revenue comes from foreigners..

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Posted by Gmc-251688 - 7 years ago

Pigna has the famous thermal waters and the spa hotel, The Grand Hotel Terme, the fascinating alleyways of the 'carrugie' in the centro storico and the church of San Michelle which hosts the polyptych of the famous Italian artist Canavesio. There are beautiful natural swimming holes which are very popular in the summer as is the bar Sul Ponte which is host to a lively music scene.

It certainly suits us anyway, as well as the other second home owners who are mainly Danish, Dutch, English and Canadians. It is first and foremost, however, a working Italian village and doesn't pretend to be anything else.

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Posted by johnking - 7 years ago

@cherchez have you tried paying in euros in Mishawaka Indiana USA lately? Why would anyone accept dollars in a small town in Italy?

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Posted by Cherchez - 7 years ago

I'm sorry, but Ventimiglia has charm?? I would rather sit outside a cafe in Menton than in Ventimiglia any day. I always find it a shock to the system coming from the Cote D'azur over into Italy. I personally prefer a nice environment.

It always seems that the only two places that people have anything good to say about are Dolceacqua and Apricale.. I still maintain that you have to drive well away from the border to get into a decent area. I do find that most of the Italian villages locally are very run down.

I suppose Dolceacqua and Apricale have character, but I find that Pigna is just another large village without that much to really make it stand out.

We tried the Hotel Terme once...Never again. The service was bad, no internet access, and when we tried to pay in a dollars they looked at us like we were crazy

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Posted by magsk-214612 - 7 years ago

I'll second Bussana Vecchia - really unusual as it's lots of ruins with little artist homes/studios tucked throughout. It's one of the more photogenic places in the area. There's an organic resto there as well 2 other places to eat.

I had a really nice meal in Seborga. It's a sleepy little place with friendly locals and amazing views. You can see the whole village in about 15 minutes.

Apricale is nice as is Dolceaqua, but they're relatively touristy. Both worth a visit though. You're not marrying them, just visiting!

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Posted by GreenLeaf-314739 - 7 years ago

Have you ever heard the phrase - "It is not what is on the outside, but the inside that counts"?

Well, this best describes Italian villages. Ventimiglia village looks terrible on the outside, but walk thru, stop for a coffee, the locals are very friendly and accommodating.

Will second Dolceaqua for the best pizza n pastas and the nice walk behind the village to the old fort.

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Posted by Gmc-251688 - 7 years ago

We have a holiday home in Pigna, just a few kilometres from Apricale and I never tire of the beauty of the place so have to disagree with some of the previous posts. We rent the house out very successfully and all our guests comment on the stunning views and incredible character of the local villages. I agree Ventimiglia can look tatty compared to somewhere like Menton and hasn't got the same polish but it is real and has it's own charm.

The Hotel Terme in Pigna has a great reputation for it's typical Ligurian cusine and was featured in an article in the Guardian by Joshua Stein and the Palazzo del Maggiore four kilometeres outside of Pigna has a stunning location and an eclectic menu.