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Sausage skins

Posted by Glenis Bartle - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

Curious to discover the difference between a ' meat' sausage , and a 'vegetarian' sausage recently , I found myself thrust into a purveyor of the latter product , in Nice ! Having no preference in particular , I was cajoled into the purchase of a brand name - they looked OK , consistency was good, spluttered well in the frying pan as we prepared to sail to foreign climes after a hearty breakfast ! Major disappointment - but luckily we had Italian Ham as well !

I don't really have a comment to make , apart from the fact that a vegetarian diet does not , at any time suit a sailor ,where physical exertion and strength is required - moderation in all !


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Posted by wendy-179831 - 17 years ago

Hi Glenis

Some Bio food shops and a vegetarian specialist supplier in Cannes are listed on this page: http://www.angloinfo.com/af/32/ 
I don't know if any of them will have "plastic" sausage skins, but if not they may know where to get.

Or maybe better still (as St George suggests) you can contact Janne of Le Speakeasy vegetarian/bio restaurant, I'm sure she'll be able to help.
Listed on this page, Le Speakeasy: http://www.angloinfo.com/af/178/

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

Search Engine http://www.dartingtonfoods.com/resources.php gives a list of possible suppliers online.

Flax/sisal casings have become popular for the fibre content.

Or contact Janne on these Forums who knows about Veggie things in this region.


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Posted by Glenis Bartle - 17 years ago

If it were that simple I would have found a site already! There is no website called makeyourownsausages.com or indeed anything similar. I didn't suggest that I wanted plastic skins did I? Despite popular opinion, not all synthetics are made of plastic.The 'real thing' is not acceptable to vegetarian guests, therefore a synthetic is necessary. Please don't bother to enter into a debate about meat versus veggi - it's each to their own as far as I'm concerned. But thanks for replying.

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Posted by stgeorge-182529 - 17 years ago

Any Site such as makeyourownsausages.com will sell you plastic or real skins - but why eat plastic ? If you have a sausage attachment on your Moulinex Kitchen Robot , the real ' boyaux ' , once soaked are easy to handle - order from your Butcher or buy at the Charcuterie in the market.stgeorge

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Posted by mike-179830 - 17 years ago

Dunno about the plastic ones, but any butcher should be able to sell you the real thing.