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Stuffing for Turkey!

Posted by arletty69 - Created: 12 years ago
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Posted by arletty69 - 12 years ago

Many thanks nymphnode for the excellent links. Should be able to find a very tasty recipe!

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Posted by nymphnode-207041 - 12 years ago

I don't think you can make a bad stuffing! It only comes down to a matter of taste, I think. You can try looking through the stuffing recipes on


which is a database of recipes from the magazines Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and a few other American food magazines from the same publishing company. The recipe rating forum is extremely active, so you'll find a pretty representative rating (with comments) for almost all the recipes by readers. I love the RSVP recipes (readers' requests for recipes from restaurants/cafes/bakeries).

This Thanksgiving, I served Crescent Dragonwagon's apricot-prune stuffing stuffed in a whole pumpkin. It wasn't the absolute best I've tried, but still pretty tasty and the presentation is great. (If you try this one, just beware that the baking time for the pumpkin will vary dramatically depending on the thickness of the walls of the pumpkin. I had a 10-pounder which took almost 3 hours in the oven...majorly upset the timing for the rest of the things I needed to bake for the party as we've only a single oven!!).

Or look at the website of my all-time absolute absolute favorite food magazine, Saveur:


The recipes aren't rated and maybe the recipe database is not as extensive as epicurious.com, but this is a magazine written/edited/read by die-hard food enthusiasts who search high and low around the world for the recipes from down-to-earth home cooking, things as simple as the best french fries and the best burgers, to fancy whatever-you-may-have-its. I've been a avid follower of Saveur since its conception in the early 90s. You just can't go wrong with them! Note, it's not the same as the French magazine of the same name.

Bon App!