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Where for American Food products anyone???

Posted by Olga Cauvin - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by eurokiné-187861 - 10 years ago

Myrtilles here in France!!!

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Posted by SJ-190944 - 10 years ago

You can get frozen blueberries at Picard - a staple I keep in my freezer!

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Posted by PremiereChoix1 - 10 years ago

Frozen blueberries - can't find them here. I think they are OK to unfreeze during flight.

Interested in bringing them?

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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

Actually, they've recently discovered some coffee plants in Brazil that grow naturally caffeine-free coffee beans.


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Posted by mat-196270 - 15 years ago

Cafiene free coffee, alcohol free booze, fat free cheese ,what next? Calorie free calories?

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Posted by LoriMansour - 15 years ago

All the advice is excellent.  All of you full fat eaters must be quite lucky.  There is nothing wrong with  buying low fat food products.  I agree there is no health benefit to products packed with chemicals, but it is not necessary to buy products like that.  There are MANY low fat or fat free products available (even in France) that are mot UN-healthy.  I am very happy for all of you who can eat full fat products and stay thin.  You must be very happy with yourselves, as it sounds.  For the rest of us, we simply check the ingredients list and shop carefully.  Don't chuck us in the garbage for that. 

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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

I also love full-fat cheeses and actually search out the ones with the highest fat content! I'm not a milk drinker, but I only buy full-fat milk for use in coffee or cooking. I do not have a weight problem and in fact people always comment on how skinny I am. I don't drink sugar-laden sodas and prefer San Pellegrino, though I do consume beer during the summer, mostly the stuff containing no alcohol.

Living in Spain for six years turned me into a great lover of olive oil. I love to eat fruit in season, though it's much harder to find tasty, ripe fruit here than it was in Spain, where even supermarket fruit was excellent--and oh, those Spanish strawberries...!


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Posted by Montana99 - 15 years ago

I used to be like you wishing for food items from the US.  I missed tacos which were not available here when I arrived.  Go into any grocery store in France and I can almost guarantee you'll find them now.  The ready made crusts that you just unroll here are much better than the pie tins you mentioned for quiches...

And just to give you an example I've seen:  Peanut Butter, Roses of Lime, Jello and many English items as well in a local store where I live and I'm out in the Haut Var!

As for cookies - bake them from scratch (instead of the overprocessed ones that ooze out of a tube or a box that you stick in the oven to bake, yuck!).  Most boulangers have chips, although they are smaller and don't taste like the toll-house ones, although they do work!  I make pancakes from scratch, brownies as well and even an excellent bbq sauce - better than anything you can buy already made.  You can find Quaker Oats oatmeal for oatmeal raisin cookies as well.

Use your cookbooks and your imagination don't be bogged down because one item is missing...replace it by something from France!

I don't miss any of the dressings from the US - I'd much rather have my delicious olive oil and balsamic vinegar any day of the week.  Have you tried the Galéries Gourmet at Cap 3000?  They even have Dr. Pepper there as well as Betty Crocker boxed cake recipes.

Food is a feast in France, American food isn't real food.  Americans overeat everything and are so used to huge servings of everything ("Super Size Me", anyone?) they are convinced all their non-fat, low-fat, low-carb foods will make them thinner....and so they continue to eat as much food as before AND they eat every 45 minutes!  How can you stay thin like that?

Did you know people who live in the southwest of France and eat lots of foie gras and drink wonderful wines have very few cardiac problems...it's a question of balancing what you eat and enjoying what you have here - you'll never find an equivalent in the US. 

I eat much more AND much healthier here AND I've lost weight since I've been in France - I would not give that up for anything in the world. ;-)

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Posted by nice cuppa tee - 15 years ago

All this "low fat " business is just propaganda invented by food processing companies to con dim overweight lazy people into eating their products.

The human body evolved over thousands of years to eat wholesome natural foods to fuel an active life. Obesity wasn't a problem to our ancestors. It is just a product of the lazy self-obsessed car-borne lifestyles people lead today.

If you have an active life you won't get fat eating full fat foods. I eat everything full fat - I drink about two litres of full fat milk per day, get through loads of full fat butter, full fat yoghurt, and balance that with loads of fruit and cereals. I'm not even mildly fat because I do sport, ride a bicycle instead of driving a car, sail a sailing boat instead of driving a motorboat, cut the grass in the orchard with a scythe instead of with those infernal strimmers that irritate the neighbours for miles around, etc etc.


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Posted by LoriMansour - 15 years ago

Boy, I never thought that my request (or happiness in finding) some low fat or fat free products would create such a response.  I do make my own.  I mix 0% frommage blanc with a bit of 0% St. Moret cheese.  It makes a nice mayo substitute (and is FRENCH !!!!!).  I can use it to make tuna salad WITHOUT fat.  Sorry to upset everybody.  I do LOVE French products and have come up with this recipe to keep my fat intake down.  I am 43 years old and find that eating low fat foods keeps my weight down (not an overweight American and don't want to become one). I would never fault any of you for enjoying your olive (or other) oils, I simply am trying to cut down on them.

As for sans sucre sodas.  The French seem to have come up with some great ones and I am greatful for it. Don't drink sodas every day, but when I want one, I am happy I can choose one that is not loaded with sugar.


Thanks everybody.