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Where for American Food products anyone???

Posted by Olga Cauvin - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

As well as adding sugar, oil-free mayonnaise has to use some starch product like flour to give it the consistancy, so the oils are replaced by carbohydrates.

In France vegetable oils dont seem to be considered as 'fats' so there is no point in trying to sell 'low-fat' sauces, it just doesnt make sense in French.

Cheeses are classified by percentage fat in the dry matter, so manufactureres are starting to display the percentage by volume since it is much lower.

A Camembert for example is 45% but only 20% by volume, since there is a lot of moisture.  So you see boxes emblazoned "low-fat 20% volume" but it is the same cheese as usual.

Collie21's dewdrop was direct, but he is right that the best way to get healthy and tasty sauces and dressings is to just mix them yourself.  It only takes a moment with a blender or mixer.


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Posted by ajeynes - 15 years ago

As a couple of people have already pointed out, the reason Americans (sorry and the Brits) are generally overweight is due to being obsessed which calorie counting.  If a product like mayo is fat free unfortunately there is no flavour.  As a result the producer adds chemicals & sugar to make it taste like the real thing.

My rule is if you can't pronounce any of the ingredients DON'T EAT IT!!!!

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Posted by Jelly-193845 - 15 years ago


My good friend tells me, who is a dietician that low-fat products are so bad for us. They are loaded with sugar (high carbs) and these impact on our glycogen stores very quickly leaving us feeling very hungry soon afterwards. The worst thing we we can eat is low-fat margarine because of all the nasty trans fats!!! Fat is good for you, as long as it is non-saturated fat. If you go on a low fat diet, your body thinks you are in a famine, and stores all those lovely sugars as fats!!!

I've low cholesteral, am reasonably fit and toned and everything I eat is full fat, as is the case with alot of my friends. We just watch the Carbs/Sugar content, where we find more in low-fat products. 





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Posted by szozu - 15 years ago

If you want micro-waveable food, there's a whole section in Picard; most of the regular line is also micro-waveable. Their frozen food is very high quality and far better than what is generally found in the supermarket.


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Posted by SammyT-194551 - 15 years ago

Hi Shanwick-

I just came back from a two-week trip to the US, and here are some of the items I brought back with me (and before anyone starts blasting me for not eating French food, a lot of these were requested by FRENCH people who have lived in the US and missed certain products):

BBQ sauce, ranch dressing, non-stick cooking spray, graham crackers, miracle whip, brownie mix, peanut butter, cheddar cheese, kraft mac & cheese, pudding, chocolate chips, cream cheese, etc...

I have to say, I use French cookbooks for 90% of my meals, but sometimes on cloudy days, you just can't beat the comfort of mac & cheese or warm chocolate chip cookies!!  Or peeps at easter!

And just my two cents about the low-fat/no-fat craze...I think that one of the reasons that Americans are so overweight is the fact that none of our food is actually FOOD anymore. It's been so over-processed and fill with all kinds of chemicals that our body doesn't know what to do with it, and I think that's affecting our digestive systems.  How can your body digest "di-hydroxy methyl chromo lactate" and all the other invented things on the back of a package, when it only has the enzymes and the pathways to break down things like protein, fats, and carbohydrates? 

The lack of exercise, and the large quantities don't help, but I certainly eat a lot more (and a lot more fat) here, and I've lost weight easily- something I wasn't able to do in the US, despite working out regularily (which I don't do here).


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Posted by gofrance - 15 years ago

Those are good points, Tony, about the oils. After all, I don't notice the weight issues with the French that I've seen in the low-fat, no-fat obsessed States.

As far as the drinks, I love those Perriers with a little flavor (especially the cerise/cherry). They have a few calories, but not many at all... and certainly not as much as a soda.

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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

Is the vegetable oil in mayonnaise sauce so bad for you?  I had the impression that is was added sugar in commercial preparations that made them fattening.

The olive oil and red wine in the mediterrainian is supposed to be a reason why people here have less risk of heart disease.

It is always possible to make a sauce with yoghourt instead of vegetable oil and egg yolks.  Just blend your favourite herbs and maybe a shallot and a garlic clove with some yoghourt and a bit of vinegar and Voila!

Sugar free sodas have been available for a long time.  There is Perrier, Badoit, and a host of others. Try it with a slice of lemon or another citrus fruit.



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Posted by gofrance - 15 years ago

FYI... I have seen some Weight Watcher items in freezer sections. I haven't tried them, and I don't think it looks like the American packaging. You may want to look a little closer in a couple grocer freezers. This is definitely not the land of the fat-free, but you can find healthy produce easily! Heheh.

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Posted by LoriMansour - 15 years ago

I am an American living in France and I LOVE the French products/foods, etc. here, but I must say there are certain things I do miss.  Particularly the low or no fat items that are so easily found in the U.S.  I am seeing more French low and no fat items such as the St. Moret 0% and/or 6% cheese that is now so easy to find and I am so glad to see it.  However, there is still no fat free mayo (okay, I know - mayo is not meant to be fat free, but hey, some of us want it that way).  Also glad to see the recent release of a lot of new sans sucre sodas. 

Yes, we need to adapt and learn to appreciate the many wonderful things available here in France, but it is not a crime to miss a few things from home....


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Posted by Shanwick - 15 years ago

As a weekly visitor to the U.S. I've considered importing those hard to get items to the Riviera.

Could you possibly tell me which items are likely to be sought after?  Would anyone be interested in such a service?