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Where to buy Medium Dry Sherry & Sherry Vinegar

Posted by MRS.B - Created: 7 years ago
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Posted by stephanieridley - 7 years ago

Hello again Mrs B,Shaoixing is a staple in Asian cooking, so, if you have an Asian shop near by, you will be sure to get it there.
Again, depending on the recipe- whether you will be cooking off the alcohol, for example, I would say one- for- one would work. Another factor is the total volume of liquid- whether the vinegar & sherry are components of a sauce/ braising liquid, for example. I'd be happy to take a look at your recipe if you'd like & offer a more- informed (not expert!) opinion if you'd like to email it to me through the link?
Good luck,Stephanie

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Posted by MRS.B - 7 years ago

Thank you for your replies – I don’t have a car so a quickvisit to Italy is probably out at the moment but I may know someone that willbe going soon and have asked if I can add the sherry to ‘her’ shopping list for thefuture.I remember seeing Xérès vinegarnow but didn’t know that it was sherry vinegar so I will get that in for sure.The Chinese rice wine (Shaoxing) I will tryto find.I’ve googled it and the ‘nutty’flavour sounds as though it might be a good substitute for sherry.

Stephanie – if I do use the Chinese Wine would I use thesame amount as I would use the sherry?It’sa chicken dish so I wouldn’t want to overwhelm the taste buds.

Thank you both again,

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Posted by stephanieridley - 7 years ago

Hello Mrs B,Sherry vinegar is widely available in supermarkets- it's vinaigre de xérès.
Depending on the recipe, & assuming you don't want to travel to Italy, or go to one of the English shops, Chinese rice wine (Shaoxing) would probably work as a substitution.
Hope that helps,Stephanie

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Posted by Jayne-190005 - 7 years ago

The liquor shops over the border in Italy sell Sherry, the closest one being Conad on the coast road when you hit the border at Garavan (past Menton).