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Yacht Crew (2) Healthy Sustainable Eating on 20 Euros a Day

Posted by craptin - Created: 5 years ago
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Posted by Ric&Jo - 5 years ago

buy large bags of pasta, rice, potatoes and also beans and lentils. Buy fresh veg that is in season and whatever meat/fish that  is on offer.  Cook up a load of lentils, put half in a soup with some spices, filling lunch for a couple of days. Put the rest in a pot with some chopped up chorizo or other meat and plenty of veg. Add tinned toms and some stock (you could make your own from the leftover veg, fish debris and bones!) Olive oil, chilli and garlic makes a tasty cheap pasta sauce, for lunch as it is, or add chopped chicken bits or white fish and veg for dinner.

Having soup before every dinner makes the ingredients go much further - and is said to add 10 years to your life!

Get or make good stock, add lots of herbs and spices and you will be surprised how many tasty, cheap meals you can make!


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Posted by Lescypres-873147 - 5 years ago

Bottom line is DONT BUY ANYTHING ........ANYTING  processed other than PASTA and TINNED TOMATOES. WHIST IT'S COLD PUSLES AND PASTA FRESH VEG AND FRUIT and no more than 2 euros per day on protein and you'll still have PLENTY left over for hootch. I know. Because I do.

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Posted by :):):) - 5 years ago

On a budget of 20€ pppd, for a month of 31 days thats 1240€ plus an overspend of 400€ already this month, makes 1640€ which youve managed to spend on food in 15 days  means you have spent 109€ a DAY on food for 2 people.
heres a website on budget meals though a bidget of 1240€ for two people is at least 2.5x what most people spend.

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Posted by daveemitchell-307467 - 5 years ago

My budget was 18pppd on board and 24 when we could not cook on board( ie were in a hotel) if your getting 20 a day and can cook in rented apartment than that's fine, if you want to eat out then you need to subsidise your food bill, that's what I do with a crew of 2 and no chef in the winter.

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Posted by cizealin - 5 years ago

I think this is a very good realistic budget providing you have cooking facilities, that's 140€ a week! You could just eat out on that if you had a croissant coffee breakfast, chose a menu at midday in a traditional French restuarant, and light supper...

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Posted by Fashion1 - 5 years ago

There are shops in france called supermarkets where you will find food stuff and in your rental apartment, you probably have a refrigerator to store the food, a oven and burners to heat up the food

€20 a day per person is about right, kinda excessive, here it is around €3 if we are lucky.