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700sqm garden

Posted by Miss Varna - Created: 13 years ago
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Good evening everybody,


we are considering renting an apartment that comes with a 700sqm garden. However, we would have to maintain the garden and do know *nothing* about gardening. The garden is mostly grass and few trees.

How often would a gardener have to come and for how many hours? What costs should we calculate? How high are the costs for watering the garden?


Pleae help!


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Posted by Montana99 - 13 years ago

Depending on where you live the cost of water could be inexpensive or outrageous...

The mairie will announce, again depending on the size of the town, either by an official arrêté that you must not: wash cars, terraces, fill pools or water yards, but a note in your letter box (we found out by this way this summer) or at the mairie directly or it could be in the papers (if you buy it religiously). 

Also Riviera Radio also makes announcements of this type.

Always remember water is precious in this area. No one should waste it frivolously - ever see/read "Jean de Florette" or "Manon des sources"?  People who have canals, or puits in their yard are lucky because they can maintain a nice "English"-style garden.  But frankly, it would be easier and cheaper to use indigenous plants requiring little to no rainfall (or water), liking heat (and extreme heat) and of course if you closer to Marseille/Aix - wind that can drop the temeratures to freezing.

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Posted by Miss Varna - 13 years ago

Hi Mike,


thanks for your reply. I did not even know that lawn watering could be banned! When does that happen and how do you find out about it - and most importantly, what do you do then?

Cutting the grass and watering is not that much of a problem since I do not work and would have the time to do it. The question is, how much extra costs would we encounter from watering the grass? My father, whose garden has the same size, estimated 20-25m3 of water per month.

BTW it is not a nice lawn, like in the UK. Just grass. We could plant flowerbeds if we wanted to.

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Posted by dublinmike-182617 - 13 years ago

If you have to worry about paying for it then I'd turn it down.

Gardens here are a Catch 22, if you maintain it properly (while paying for the water) then you will greatly increase the hours needed to stop it becoming a Jungle from March to November.

Just grass means nothing, flower beds are easier to maintain as a good lawn would need to be cut twice a week and is way more hours than pulling a few weeds.

If the garden has automatic watering , great. Otherwise you're looking at 2-3 times a week to water the grass too.

In times when lawn watering is banned, do you have responsibility for reseeding when the ban is lifted?

Personally I'd avoid this one unless you're an avid gardener or have a few dogs and absolutely have to have the space.