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A question for the ladies...

Posted by indigo-185290 - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Shuba - 16 years ago

Truth is, if you know what to use you can go to most chemists and just tell them you've run out. I've been here 5 years and never had a problem. Had the occasional (once a year) visit to my Gyno. No need to go more than what is needed.

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Posted by klwestall - 16 years ago


If you just go to any GP they can give you a prescription after having done the normal blood pressure checks etc.  I did this and was given a prescription for a pill that had the same ingredients as the one i had been on in the UK ... its just a different make.  Depending on where you are there are quite a few english speaking doctors around if you would prefer ... mine is in Valbonne, email me if you want his number as i know were not allowed to post details here ...


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Posted by nina-II - 16 years ago

Hi Indigo, 

If you are living in or close to Nice, you can get an appointment with the obstetric department in Larchet II hospital 04 92 03 60 61, I think, it will be cheap and they will give you check and prescription. 

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Posted by tessa-179840 - 16 years ago

I took my script from home to a pharmacy.... and it was accepted with no complaint. They didn't have the exact same pill, but the pharmacist looked up the "ingredients" of mine in a vast book, an then gave me something he assured me was fundamentally the same (I later did reasearch & he was right). He was happy to work off a valid foreign prescription.

Now, nearly two years later, I'm still using that same ratty script in any pharmacy but while they all issue the pills, they tell me that they'll help 'this time' but I must get to a gynae for a check and new one (they're right!)


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Posted by leb-191238 - 16 years ago

I go to my gyno in Vence, he's really nice and just does a normal check up and then gives me the prescription.