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Posted by Jayne-190005 - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by reinrev5 - 15 years ago

If you download big files often, a faster connection is more comfortable to work with, if not a basic 512K is plenty for most. If you use your telephone a lot locally, some broadband suppliers throw in free telephone calls but check what this "free" covers and at what comparitive price. Others add a flat price to the basic broadband connection to cover "free" telephoning. Very recently broadband suppliers are doing the free telephone thing with TV channels but here again check the extra price in relation to what you're being offered and I think you have to have quite a fast connection for this. I've heard also that www.free.fr  for example offer free calls to the Bouygues network... or was that the other way around?

 Good luck hunting, Reinrev

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Posted by Kennet-197878 - 15 years ago

I don't know much about adsl but has anyone been to www.hispeedband.com

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Posted by Miss Varna - 15 years ago

Hi Jayne,

when you compare the prices, make sure that you check for installation and resiliation costs - some ISPs don't charge any while others do.

I use www.club-internet.fr which works fine now - BUT it took them 75 days instead the promised 21 until I had it, I made numerous phone calls to their 34cts/min hotline for 80Euros in total! I did get a geste commercial (2 months for free) but after that experience, I would not choose to sign up with them again.

However, I use them since last January and never experienced any technical problems.

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Posted by angloinfoaddict-197011 - 15 years ago

Hi Jayne,


I have been using AOL for about 10 years, and have been on Broadband since it arrived here.  Its fast, always works, I have never had any problems and they have lots of built in security, including a firewall.

There is also a built in spam box so I dont get junk mail it is automatically filtered.

I dont know how the price compares but personally I need reliability and security.

Good luck in your choice.

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Posted by legend_in_my_lunchtime-182603 - 15 years ago

The ADSL market in France has almost reached commodity status.  That is when a product becomes so standard that there is little to differentiate it in its basic format from the various vendors and then customers tend to choose it on the basis of price/convenience.  Petrol would be a good example of such a product.  ADSL is not quite there yet - but nearly.

So what are your criteria?  Price? Convenience?  Something else? 

If it's purely price/convenience for you, just take a basic offer (like 512k for example) and simply choose the cheapest or the one with most convenient sign-up and cancellation conditions.

If on the other hand, you are able to specify something other than price or convenience, then you probably know enough about networking to go to the French sites (e.g. www.dslvalley.com or www.grenouille.com ) in order to make your own informed choice.

quote:what is the best choice?

what does "best" mean for you?  One of my customers ordered a special network - he said he wanted it "cheap, fast and good".  I said "pick any two criteria, I'll recover on the third".