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Posted by glubsch - Created: 15 years ago
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Posted by Eddie-183386 - 15 years ago

It may be marketed by SFR but the service is provided by SFR's parent company, Cegetel. I moved to Cegetel from from Wanadoo last month basically because at €14.90/month for 512k it was the cheapest around. Cegetel have been serving business clients for years and have the second largest network in France but have only just moved into the public space. The service is fine though their portal is a long way behind Wanadoo but I suppose it will improve with time. And, by law, I can get to keep my Wandoo email address even if I change provider, thanks to web mail!

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Posted by Jelly-193845 - 15 years ago

Hi Stephan

A friend of mine had trouble with SFR offers etc, so he  did the same as me, went into France Telecom in Nice Etoile Centre on Jean Medicine and spoke to Sebastian, who spks English! (must of the staff do) Got Wanadoo 512bhp unlimited for E35 per month. I've had this for a month and it's fab!! 

Thx to all you Anglo-surfers who helped me out last month!,  



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Posted by glubsch - 15 years ago


Yes, we just got our mobile phone from SFR and they have this new offer.


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Posted by TonyP-191937 - 15 years ago

Are you sure its SFR?  The mobile telephone operator?  I have never heard of them doing ADSL.Tony

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Posted by Squeezy-189941 - 15 years ago


it all depends on the length of the physical wire from your exchange.  I am with Free and they recently had France Telecom check my line to go from 512 to 1024 but France telecom said I was just over the 3km limit for 1024 so I have to live with 512k, or move house!