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ADSL internet + cell phone service prodiver

Posted by vaazee - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by vaazee - 4 years ago

Thanks lids,

Those ten digits may make all the difference in the world.

FYI to other who mays read this, SFR has a multilingual customer service number for their prepaid card (SFR La Carte) which offers customer service in English and other languages (I believe Arabic, Italian, Spanish - but don't quote me on that). They however are completely useless when it comes to contract phones or internet service. It is extremely hard to get someone on the phone who speaks English and a very common practice I have noticed is that - after being on hold for 20min and finally getting someone on the phone - once the service representative finds out your French is horrible and you might be a piece of work to deal with - they simply hang up the phone. Take the next call in line. Happened to me often enough to rule out coincidence or random dropped calls. Very annoying!

Canceled all my contracts with them today. Calling ORANGE tomorrow.

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Posted by lids-254142 - 4 years ago


I'd also say go with Orange and here is the number for customer service in English 0969363900.

Good luck.

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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 4 years ago

I'm client with ORANGE because they are owners of lines,antennas and Boutique.Also important to know that they are the old important French company France telecom.All other operators buy lines from them .thay have techniciens in each city.

When I moved from Bouygue home Line they offer me thé resiliation andthey came to my house to install thé Line for free.


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Posted by vaazee - 4 years ago

Thank you Captain Antoine. While communication is certainly an issue, in this case, it is more a problem that originates in SFR making appointments for technicians and technicians not showing up or cancelling the appointments. It's a long story and they're just not up to par in this case.

Thank you for your response, and all the advice and help regarding ORANGE. I will def look into that

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Posted by SKIPPER767-222925 - 4 years ago

Best  in France is ORANGE and don't go to Boutique start on Line custumor. They call you for free. Don't send back anything to SFR otherwise they Will charge you full Year plus resiliation.Contact orange and ask them what to do?they Will help you to cancel your old contract. 3900 internet home, 3970 mobile phone.

It's important to know that most of the time it's communication problem.You can hardly get someone on the phone who speaks good english.

Concerning SFR. Take thé materials to the boutique and ask them to do thé up date.most of thé time software is older because they are in box's for monthswaiting for new clients.If you have on choice!

Good luLuck 

Captain Antoine