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ADSL Neuf Telecom... is it as good as it sounds?

Posted by Pervinca - Created: 13 years ago
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Anybody  out there  used Neuf Telecom ADSL?   I understand there''s no minimum contract period plus unlimited calls in France.... sounds good. Any snags?

Thanks a lot.

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Posted by Pervinca - 13 years ago

Thanks No. 6 for your helpful  observations. This service is for someone coming to stay for about 2-3 months, and since I'm something of a technological moron I'm very unsure about what to do.  I use AOL  (I'm a minimal computer user) and have just agreed to their adsl packet though not yet operative just for a quiet life  (they've been badgering me on the 'phone for months now) and to avoid changing to another server.  I know AOL has a bad reputation and some posts ont he forum have been quite ferocious, but personally I've been quite happy with it.   Is it possible to have 2 servers?

I agree, we get into such a frazzle about these increasingly complex technologies, is it worth it? It's supposed to help us make life easier....not stress us out ever more!

Thanks Peter for yr contribution -this has practically decided me against it!I have so many other hassles I don't want anymore.






Pete 57:  Hello, Peter


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Posted by peter57-190654 - 13 years ago

We had major problems, ie unable to get connected, we were constantly on the phone, cost us a fortune, we then tried to go back to France telecom and that took ages due to neuf telecom holding the line, we refused to pay, in the end they threatened us with court action, my girlfriend paid, I myself would have let them take us to court...my opinion is leave well alone, unless some one can tell you different....

Best wishes Pete

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Posted by No.6 - 13 years ago

Hi pervinca, you might want to read up on the other threads on this: try an AI forums search with 'Neuf '. 

There's a discussion on tariff comparisons here: http://riviera.angloinfo.com/forum/topic.asp?topic_ID=32752&forum_ID=6&cat_ID=2&topic_Title=Neuf++Internet+Haut+Debit

The only real snags I've heard about are technical hitches/delays in getting connected in the first place (the problem can be between FT and 9, initially); having to queue on the hot line for ages to get them to move it a little - they send you a telephone card if you have to call them back, but even that doesn't always cover the cost of waiting at 0.34cts/min!; the slightly lesser audio quality of the telephone line on occasions.

Apart from that, once you're up and running, I reckon it doesn't look like a bad offer.