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ADSL Providers?

Posted by Shanwick - Created: 17 years ago
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Posted by psyquest - 16 years ago

you need a firewall wether you are using windows , MacOs or Linux. Trust me a Mac can be hacked. As in regards to viruses there are "available" for all platforms. Macs are spared more than windows though.

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Posted by Jacob - 16 years ago

ADSL only tends to be enabled in the FT exchnages of the bigger towns, access is then (very slowly) rolled out to the smaller ones around them but ADSL is only available within 3km of the actual exchange (BT in the UK are rolling out a lower speed version that supports greater distances, but I don't think FT are yet).In the cities the exchnages are also being opened up to other operators such as 9telecom, this is called degroupage, prices on these exchanges are a lot cheaper, at present it's only cities like Nice and Marseille though.You can check coverage by postcode (only a rough indication, especially as some places share postcodes) on the nerim site http://www.nerim.fr/index.php3?file=couverture.php3The other providers only seem to allow you to search by telephone number (updated nightly by most - if you've just had your line activated...).// Jacob

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Posted by venkym - 16 years ago

The ADSL is enabled by France Telecom. There is a link somewhere on France Telecom's site that allows one to check if ADSL is enabled for your phone line. If you cannot find it in their English pages, try their French section.I think you can also call FT and ask about this.I agree with you about AOL. Their "all in one" software is a source of irritation and is quite bulky. In terms of value for money and quality of connection, Free is the best alternative currently.Best of luck

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Posted by Shanwick - 16 years ago

For anyone interested, I now have Free.fr fully installed and functioning without any problems. 

I used the installation disc provided and surprisingly, unlike every other installation disc I've used in the past, it didn't change any settings on my machine.  Also there are no "pop ups" associated with the provider. 


Thoroughly satisfied!

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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 17 years ago

Does anyone know how to find out when a particular area might be given ADSL access?  Is this determined by FT, the operator in control of the local loop,  whose response when asked was the usual non commital brush off?

When I enter my number on the site above, and a couple of others, it tells me that ADSL is not available.  When I enter it on AOL, they say it is available.

For various reasons, not least the bilge which they send to your computer, and my dislike of their business ethics, I do not wish to use AOL,  but is it possible that they can provide something that nobody else can,  or is this just another example of their sharp business practices?



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Posted by Old Brit - 17 years ago

I set up my Apple Mac with an Alcatel "Speed Touch" USB modem in the UK. No installation CD. I just took the set up information from the Pipex web site, entered it into the required places in the Apple Mac Control Panels and everything worked. I used my own choice of web browser (I.E. actually) and Email application.As it's an Apple Mac, I don't have any worries about viruses so no need for a "firewall" or so-called "antivirus" software!And it's easy to use. :-)

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Posted by Alain-182671 - 17 years ago

I'm using Nerim and have done so since jan., I very pleased with it, I havn't had any problems and the greate thing is that I have a fixed public IP, they provided me with a Router that I have full control over, all for Euros 35HT per month.


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Posted by Nadil - 17 years ago

I forgot to mention that 9 Online has a really good deal on 1 megabit ADSL (twice as fast as the normal 512k). They are offering 29.90 euros per month, however I haven't checked if the modem is free or not. Also, I don't know how reliable they are in terms of service - I guess it varies from time to time. I read in a couple of articles that Free became really bogged down from the overwhelming response for its 29.99 offer - this was a few months ago though and I'm sure they've come up to par since then. The 9 Online isn't available everywhere yet though, you can check here


Follow the steps until you get to the page where you type in your phone number and choose your department, it will then conduct a search to find out whether its ADSL services have been deployed in your area. If not, you can simply cancel the procedure without commitment.

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Posted by Nadil - 17 years ago

Okey dokey.

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Posted by Shanwick - 17 years ago

Ok thanks for the advice. I'll sign up to Free Telecom and I'll let you know how it goes.Nadil, I might ask for your assistance when I get the kit.