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Posted by benedictbell - Created: 16 years ago
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Posted by Seeker-184579 - 16 years ago

Brightstar, if you read your original mobile 'phone contract with a very fine magnifying glass, I think you'll find that leaving the country is one of the exceptions that allows you cancel without giving the customary 3 months' notice (provided that you supply a justificatif, of course!).  I'm not sure if that also gets you out of the initial minimum 12 month subscription period, however, but it's worth checking.  Same for your ADSL contract.

One warning: I recently cancelled a Bouygues contract (albeit it was older than a year) and discovered that you have to fight to be able to do this. They initially send you a liitle note saying that your request (sent recommandée with all the right stuff) has been refused for one of a list of reasons (without naming which one!) and then you have to wait 2 hours on the 'phone to speak to their 'cancellations team' and then they say..."oh, you wanted to really cancel? oh, okay...".  It's all part of the game.

Good luck!

Seeker J<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

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Posted by Brightstar-189376 - 16 years ago

However - would appreciate any info re moving Tiscali account back to the UK.  I wuld still keep the Tiscali account, but would want to transfer phone numbers and change to co.uk.  Does anyone have any experience of that?  You sign for a year intially.

Ditto question re portable contract with SFR - am I stuck with paying them the minimum fee for at least a year if I move back?

Life, eh?



Brightstar x

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Posted by t-stag-180429 - 16 years ago

I've been using Wanadoo 512K for 6 months problem free.

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Posted by WelshNotEnglish - 16 years ago

Personally, I'm with Club Internet, I have been using 512/128 ADSL for over 2½ years now. I think they're probably about the same price as all the other providers. Have only had minor problems with Club Internet's helpdesk, and that was when the exchange first got upgraded and ADSL was initially rolled-out - other than that, I've been very happy with them.

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Posted by Brightstar-189376 - 16 years ago

Completely agree,  I have Tiscal Haut Debit (ADSL) and it works fine, the helpdesk are very good (no English, so don't rely on that) and it is transferbable when you move.  It also appeas to work seamlessley (sp?)with Wi-Fi and indeed for setting up a LAN so that you can share files. Very easy to set up the intial Tiscli Totale Liberte (i.e free) and then to move on to ADSL if you need to.Brightstar x

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Posted by Freddy-184721 - 16 years ago

I subscribed to Free last october. After a few hiccups just after their launch, it's working prefectly well. And you won't find anything cheaper (they lend you the modem for free) for real ADSL (512 Up/128 Down)

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Posted by szozu - 16 years ago

I use free.fr and can't complain. They had a huge maintenence of their Cisco equipment last week-end, so there were outages but normally everything works fine and you get space for your websites.

The only thing I have against them is that they don't send an e-mail to warn you about things like the maintenance. If you don't check their site, you won't know.


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Posted by MikeP-180526 - 16 years ago

I've been with Tiscali on dialup for a year or so and been 100% happy with them - also heard some horror stories about AOL and had my own in UK.  Wouldn't touch them with the proverbial bargepole.

We got a note a couple of weeks ago to say that we could now get ADSL at home,  so I switched my Tiscali subscription over to the 128 mb ADSL, the modem and install disk came this morning,  it took me 10 minutes to install it and get it working.

It works fine,  is not significantly faster on webpages,  but noticeably so for email in/out, and I'm sure we'd see the difference if we got the faster one, which of course is more expensive.

So I'd recommend Tiscali (Liberty Surf) as Mike suggested.



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Posted by mike-179830 - 16 years ago