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Advice for Selling my House

Posted by gre88 - Created: 4 years ago
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Posted by Qwertrew - 4 years ago

It's generally a low-time for property in France .... a few friends who have managed to sell off their property fairly quickly have gone down by as much as 20% - 25% of their price.

There are just too many properties for sale and you need to ask yourself - what's available in your area and the nearby region (say 10-15km around) for the price that you are asking for? You'd need to pit yourself against nicer or newer houses, houses with better location etc etc.

You're not alone in the waiting game but just know that buyers are out to get a good deal due to the soft market and unless there is a strong selling point on your home, price is almost only the way to go.


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Posted by Julia Frey - 4 years ago

There is a site which should be listing your property if your reltors and serious.  SeLoger.com.  this is a very useful site for comparing your property to similar offerings to see just what the competition ois.  This may give you dideas aviut what to change in your marketimng/sales strategy.  More m=nd more eople do their first-level house shopping online. (We virtually bought our house online)  Don't miss that public. and good luck.

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Posted by ESS-209984 - 4 years ago

You will not sell at the moment, anyone coming round in July and August is just out for a day trip while on holiday - very few serious buyers.

I would suggest you try at least 3 good agencies, who have different profiles in the clients they target.   Try to find out who are the best agents close to you, ask them how many properties like yours they have sold over the last 6 months.

There are sites you can use to value your property online, and from what I can see, they do a good job.   The follow up the valuation by recommending two agents to call by and check the valuation.   We found this a very valuable service indeed, and helped us decide on exactly what the price would be.

Also, do all the usual stuff.   Light and airy home, remove clutter (put stuff into your garage, or some temporary storage lockers) and non-neutral walls and floors, and don't forget to have some coffee on, or bake bread or a cake just before they arrive.   It honestly does make a difference.

Your current agents are tired of the property - time to get rid of them and try new ones.   Agents always much more enthusiastic when it is new to them.   Also, make sure that you insist on feedback following each visit, that should give you a clue as to what else you need to do.

You can also visit other villas near your one at around the same price to see what they are offering and how you compare.   

As you can see, this is something you need to work hard at, a project in its own right!

Good luck!   There are buyers out there, we sold our villa in May...

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Posted by US&EU - 4 years ago

Greetings Greg,

My daughter (in Paris) and my self (in USA Chicago) are involved in advertising properties to US and Russsian clientel and would love to have adeqate information on your property.

Good day!




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Posted by LeighA - 4 years ago

Everything sells for the right price!

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Posted by Pieterrutjens - 4 years ago

Price has to be market conform, especially these days. But it can also be too less advertissement for the property or even not listing in the various countries.

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Posted by RAYG-223391 - 4 years ago

If a property dosen't  sell after being on the market for some time, usually means it is too expensive.

If the price is right it will sell.

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Posted by Pieterrutjens - 4 years ago

These days,  one or more agents is hardly enough. Also advertissements by yourself, or the various "free" or little paid websites is important.  Exposure of your property is most important. 


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Posted by sallynikki - 4 years ago

I have the same problem and know several other people with houses on the market but not selling. My house has been on the market since october 2012. We have had 29 visits so far but no offers! The house is at the correct price and at a lower price than we bought it for 3 years ago. Potential buyers all leave saying it is a beautiful house but that's all. No follow-up! I'm starting to wonder if the agencies are not bringing serious buyers or buyers with the right budget. I'm now on co-exclusivity (I hate being bombarded by estate agents) but am very pessimistic. Is the only anwser to keep lowering the price?

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Posted by Lincoln-916722 - 4 years ago

Where is your villa please