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Advice needed on long-term rental contracts

Posted by Romantica-196641 - Created: 13 years ago
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Like most people advertising through the forum, we don't particularly want to use agents for our rentals - extortionate prices, for little return ?? We have experience of renting out property in England, contracts etc. but not in France. Are there any good souces of information, advice, draft contracts available, other than through agents ?!

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Posted by Photog - 13 years ago

Hello romantica!

The easyest is to rent unfurnished for a period of 3 years.  Then you have no hassles for 3 years.  If you go on google search and write "exemple contrats location" you will find a lot of websites that have examples that you can use.  You must write on the contract that the rents must be revised every year, otherwise you can't claim more rent as inflation goes up.  The law says that you have to follow the governments "construction cost index" which you can find on the official website www.insee.fr

Then there are other rules and regulations regarding the charges de copropriété (maintenance fees).  You must pay a certain amount, I think it's 10%, the rest is up to the tenant to pay these fees. 

I think this might help, if not, don't hesitate to contact me on my email.

Good luck!



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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

Lots of agents will be happy to promise you the moon and stars and then won't don't do a thing except offer you a rental for the film festival (if you happen to be in Cannes) for which you can just as easily find tenants yourself. In return, they will offer you less than the amount you would get on your own. So unless you're renting an unfurnished flat or have a truly fantastic property, it's not worth the bother of an agency. Of course, if the property is unfurnished then it's a different story, as there are about 50 apartment seekers for each apartment available. It's not clear from your posting if you're considering a long-term furnished or unfurnished rental. The rules of the game are different.


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Posted by munchkin-191066 - 13 years ago

Hi - why not use an agent. They charge the tenant and not the owner for their services. It only gets expensive if you take up their guarantees ie the guarantee against unpaid rents or full management of your apartment.

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Posted by szozu - 13 years ago

You can go to a papeterie and buy contracts included in a kit with inventory and etat de lieu. They are not cheap though, but it's worthwhile to buy one to see what it should look like. The owner of the papeterie told me that these are the only contracts that hold up in court, but perhaps he said that because he wanted to sell more contracts.